Enjoying a new colour palette for Christmas doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank with all-new decorations.  And the current blue and gold Christmas décor trend is perfect for repurposing existing home accessories for the festive season. 

Blue and Gold Christmas Baubles

Give your home a simple gold and blue makeover – we show you how to create this luxurious colour pairing trend from things you’ve got at home with just a few extra low cost tweaks and additions.

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When you start looking around your home you’ll be amazed how many blue and gold items you already own.  Whether it’s those gold photo frames you received as a wedding gift, blue soap dish in the bathroom, scarf in your wardrobe, brooch you inherited or plant pot on the side.  See what you can gather together as a base for your décor design.    

Then scroll down where we share 17 easy Christmas décor hacks to dress these year-round home décor pieces up for Christmas.

That way, when the festive season comes to a close, you can simply return your items to their normal positions and you’re ready to start the new year afresh without waste or unnecessary expense.

Blue and Gold Home Decor

You may wish to purchase a few extra pieces for the finishing touches.  But most of these are inexpensive or easily used beyond the season.  One set of battery powered fairy lights can be repurposed in a multitude of ways.  And don’t forget to search in second hand shops and car boot sales for throws, scarves, gold trinkets and blue glass.  Or enjoy a family winter walk as you forage for sprigs, branches and pinecones to spray paint.

Of course not all the ideas below will work for everyone.  But we hope there’s a handful that you can use for a blue and gold Christmas in your home this year.  And do reply in the comments below to share your other hacks and ideas – we’d love to expand the list!

Happy Decorating!

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Small Shopping List

We’ve included links below for a few products that you can use to give your existing décor a gold and blue flair!  These are simple products and great basic additions to your craft or party drawer to be used again and again throughout the year.

If you are in the market to treat yourself to a few new gold and blue Christmas keepsakes, do check out our favourite finds for inspiration!

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17 Easy Décor Hacks for a Blue & Gold Christmas

  1. Add deep blue candles to gold candlesticks for the sideboard.
  2. Fill gold (or golden) dishes and vases with blue baubles or honeycomb paper decorations (or even scrunched up blue tissue paper with gold ribbon details).
  3. Gather other small metallic gold trinkets together and place on a mirrored tray with candles or fairy lights for a warm sparkly display. Whilst individually the items may not be Christmassy, the twinkly lighting will create a fabulously festive vibe.
  4. Spray sprigs of eucalyptus, holly and fern with gold paint and embellish existing or fresh floral displays. Add blue picks and honey-golden dried grasses for extra depth and tone.
Dried Gold and Blue Flowers in a Vase
  1. Drape any blue throws over the edges of sofas and chairs.
  2. Tie rich material ribbon in blue or gold around existing home ornaments – the tops of plant pots and vases, necks of animal figurines or soft toys, etc.
  3. Wrap presents in gold and blue kraft wrapping paper and embellish with small details in the contrasting colour (think ribbons, beads, brooches and other jewellery items, gold-sprayed pinecones and small Christmas ornaments).
  4. Make golden yellow & blue pom poms to fill vases and bowls. Click here for our pom pom tutorials.
  5. Switch out photos in gold rimmed photo frames for festive quotes, handwritten or printed in gold or pale tones on dark blue paper.
  6. Wrap blue scarves or napkins around wine bottles and display on the side with elegant wine glasses.
  7. Upcycle wooden objects with a gentle spray of gold paint to give them an antique golden glow.
Gold and Blue Christmas Ornaments In A Bowl
  1. Position warm white fairy lights to lend a twinkly golden hue to glass, crystal and cream surfaces.
  2. Fill blue dishes (even soap dishes or other bathroom accessories!) with gold chocolate coins, gold-sprayed pinecones or gold beaded garlands.
  3. Wrap cushions in any blue or gold material you can find. Scarves can be wrapped over existing cushion covers and fastened or tied in place.  Even old jumpers or bedding can be quite simply transformed into a cushion cover!  Check out our two minute hack here.
  4. Embellish existing garlands and wreaths with gold sprayed sprigs, deep blueish berries, jewellery, ribbons, baubles, and anything else you can find!
Blue & Gold Decorations
  1. Make gold or blue tealight holders from empty jam jars using paint and homemade stencils and add to coffee tables, shelves or the Christmas dinner table.
  2. String dark blue baubles with plush gold ribbon (or vice versa!) and hang at varying heights across the tops of mirrors, from light fittings, on the backs of chairs or on a home plant / scavenged branch potted in a gold planter.

Looking For More Blue & Gold Inspiration?

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Gold & Blue Christmas Décor Mood Board by Jolly Festive

So are you tempted by a blue and gold Christmas?  Let us know what other ideas you have for repurposing your current home décor for the festive season. 

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