Don’t throw your old fabric away this year.  Here’s 12 ideas for easy creative scrap fabric projects to put that material to good use, without the need to sew.

A Jolly Festive Exclusive
Two presents tied with homemade ribbon made from scrap fabric on table with roll of extra homemade ribbon, candle, greenery and flowers.

We’re all on a mission to waste less, upcycle more, and hopefully get ahead for Christmas and other festivities along the way!

So, if you’re staring at a pile of old clothes, bedding, or other fabric that’s not good enough to sell, repair, or donate, but you really don’t want to throw it away, well, we’re here to help.  And don’t let a lack of sewing machine or needle dexterity put you off either.  Each of the 12 scrap fabric project ideas shared below are super easy and don’t require any sewing at all! 

Time to turn that leftover fabric into some fabulous décor and gift embellishments…

Homemade Ribbon

Simply cut your old fabric into strips and use it as an alternative to ribbon to decorate your gifts.  It looks super cute in that chic rustic way.  And it’ll save you a fortune on fancy ribbon plus it avoids using the single-use plastic-y stuff.  Ideal for things like scarves where the material is already naturally in long strips.

Two presents tied with homemade ribbon made from scrap fabric on table with roll of extra homemade ribbon, candle, greenery, cashmere scarf, small ceramic decoration and flowers.

Fabric Bunting

Cut fabric into triangles or other shapes and glue them to a long piece of string or ribbon for some gorgeous festive bunting.

Fabric Bookmarks

Make bookmarks by covering long rectangles of card with fabric and gluing to secure.  Then, decorate with fabric paint or markers.

Fabric-Covered Jars

Cut fabric circles to cover old jam jars to decorate homemade chutney or jam.  Great for adding an extra homemade touch to a gifted jar of something delicious.

Furoshiki Wraps

We love the concept of Furoshiki wrapping – using traditional Japanese techniques to wrap our gifts with reusable fabric.  A great way to repurpose old bedding or tablecloths.  Cut into various size squares and rectangles and spend just a few minutes getting familiar with the knot tying techniques – they really are simple but oh so beautiful!

Material Wrapped Gifts

Fabric Hair Accessories

Create headbands, hair ties, or bows by cutting fabric into strips and knotting or twisting.  There’s a wealth of simple tutorials to follow.  Brilliant advent calendar fillers or stocking stuffers!

Fabric Flowers

Feeling slightly more adventurous?  Why not create a bouquet of flowers from your scrap fabric?

Cut fabric into circles, fold, and layer them to create flowers, securing with glue.  You could use an old button or jewellery beads for the centre of the flower.  Use them as a table setting decoration, gift embellishment, or add some wire stems and place them in a vase.  Switch out each season to match the weather and garden colours.

Drawer Sachets

Fill fabric squares with dried lavender or other scents, then tie closed with a ribbon for a fresh scent.  What a simple but cute homemade gift idea!  They’d pair brilliantly with some homemade foot scrub too, don’t you think?

Or what about using dried pine needles and orange slices to create festive scented sachets to dot around the house for extra Christmas fragrance?!  Or to make your clothes smell like Christmas!!

Rag Wreath

Create a charming cottagecore Rag Wreath in minutes with our super simple tutorial.  Season it however you want – it’ll come as no surprise to you that we love our Christmas themed ones best.  But they make fabulous wreaths for internal doors, kitchen cabinets, and sharing as homemade gifts.

Christmas Rag Wreath With Christmas Tree & Festive Bottle

Fabric Scrap Garland

Tie fabric scraps along a piece of string or yarn to create a colourful garland.  We love this design from Kenarry.  Use strips of fabric around 50cm long each for a beautiful generous garland.  But if you don’t have those to hand, simply use shorter lengths.  Can you imagine this hanging on the wall, down the staircase or along the fireplace in your favourite festive colours?!

Decorative Fabric Balls

Got old baubles that no longer suit your style?  Cover them in fabric for a completely new look. 

Either use one larger circular piece of fabric brought up and tied at the top.  Or cut your fabric into tiny squares and glue these on in a patchwork style to cover the bauble. 

Hang them on the tree or fill a bowl with your newly decorated balls.

Scrappy Bows

Make cute DIY bows to decorate your gifts.  Cut your scrap material into short(ish) strips, lying several on top of each other.  Tie them in the middle, either with another fabric strip or a piece of twine to create a bow-like effect.  Add to your presents for a fabulous homemade flourish.

Looking for more inspiration?

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So, what do you think?  Will you get busy with some scrap fabric projects this year?  We love that there are so many super quick, simple ideas here that anyone can do, and the kids can easily join in.  From DIY decorations to homemade gifts and gift wrapping inspiration, there’s no need to be throwing any of our old clothes or fabric in the waste bin.  Even if you aren’t a whizz on the sewing machine!  Which are you going to try first?

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