Expert advice on where to sell unwanted items hassle-free – the best ways to declutter your space efficiently and lucratively.

A Jolly Festive Exclusive
Woman Holding Cardboard Box Of Unwanted Items Including Christmas Decorations, Clothing and Toys.

Whether you’re decluttering your home, or simply want to clear out gifts received and other items that aren’t suitable, we’ve got the lowdown on where to go to pass along or sell unwanted items.

We’ve been chatting with Victoria, owner of award-winning Surrey Decluttering (based in North West Surrey), about where best to sell or donate things you no longer want or need. 

From clothes to books, tech to toiletries and even unwanted gift cards and teddies, Victoria shares her expert knowledge on where best to pass things along.  Read on to find out where to head to sell or donate your unwanted things.

Go through your current stash and sell/donate any that you know you will not read/use again.

There are easy-to-use apps by companies like Ziffit and Music Magpie that will buy titles from you and collect them from your home, free of charge.  Simply scan the barcodes of these items and they’ll propose a purchase price. Payment typically arrives a few days later.  I’ve used both of these services numerous times and found them to be excellent (depressing as it is how little these items are worth second-hand!)

Alternatively, you can always drop them off at your local charity stores.

Victoria’s top tips: 

  • Ziffit typically pays more for items so start by scanning there. Any that aren’t accepted, try the Music Magpie app next.
  • Keep your leftover Christmas boxes and packaging to use to box the items up to post.
  • If a specific item is valued particularly highly by places like Ziffit or Music Magpie (typically £4+), it may be worth looking to sell this one to a more bespoke dealer directly for a higher sales price.

Old Phones & Tech

Pop in to your local Cex store and exchange for cash or upgraded tech. Alternatively, check out their online site.

There are also ways to donate these items at the Fonebank.  They will ensure any old data is wiped before selling/passing on the tech, which can be a cause of concern for some.

For things like camera equipment and drones, you can try renting them out instead at Fat Llama.

Toiletries & Perfume Gift Sets

Still have unused body creams and shower gels from giftsets received that you didn’t like the smell of?  Did you know that there are donations points all over the country for these items?

Just as the Food Banks collect (mainly) edible items, The Hygiene Bank helps 6.5 million people in the UK that go without the basic essentials. To help battle hygiene poverty (and declutter), visit The Hygiene Bank for your nearest drop off point (including at many Boots stores).

Clothes & Accessories

Most recycling centres have containers for textiles that can be recycled. Clothing in good condition will always be appreciated by charity shops looking to replenish their collections. However, if you want to earn a little extra cash, you can look to sell or even rent your clothes.

For selling garments online, try eBay, Vinted or Depop. Listing items on eBay takes a little longer than the others and they all have different ways of making money – some take fees for listing and others pass their costs onto the buyers. Here a little research will be needed to find out what’s best for you.

If you don’t want to sell items individually, many of the High Street fashion brands, such as John Lewis, H&M and M&S, will accept clothes donations in exchange for a treat or discount instore.  The offers vary considerably so do check out the websites for latest details.

Otherwise, there are a number of online collection services that pay by the kilo for clothes donations.

For Mid-High End Brand Clothing Or Accessories, ideally with the labels still on, there are companies & individuals that will help you sell these on your behalf, if you haven’t got the time. Typically, you share the profits made, but it can save you a lot of time.

For renting out clothing, try websites such as By Rotation and Hurr.

Soft Toys

Did you know there’s a company called Loved Before that runs a sustainable soft toy adoption agency for pre-loved teddies?

Head to their website for more details how to send your old soft toys (in any condition!) for a “spa” treatment & a new life!  You can also send your teddy’s life story to date to be shared with its new owner.  It really doesn’t get much more sustainable and heart-warming than that, does it?!

A great way for teaching your children the art of giving and perhaps a slightly easier passage to passing their beloved soft toys along.

Other Toys

These items are ideal for selling on second hand sites such as eBay and Facebook Marketplace.  For bulkier items you may have more luck on local groups on Facebook Marketplace.

Again, charity shops will gratefully receive your donations. If you have something very bulky to offload, some high street shops might not accept it (due to their limited storage space), so perhaps try listing these items on your local groups on Facebook Marketplace or Freecycle first.

LEGO.  To sell LEGO bricks try We Buy Bricks or Music Magpie.

Unwanted Food

Often when we receive a hamper gift, it is full of exotic and perhaps unusual items, that tend to go towards the back of the cupboard. Or it may be something from an expensive brand, so you hide it away for a special occasion & then forget all about it.

Do a pantry check and remove any expired perishables. 

Pantry items in date that you won’t be using may be appreciated by your local food bank.  Do check however as unusual sauces and liqueur chocolates for example will not be appropriate and are unlikely to be accepted. 

For fresh goods or any items still in date that weren’t accepted by the Food Bank, try local Facebook Groups or the Free My Meal group who match those in need with excess food or meals elsewhere in the community. 

This is a great exercise to do as part of your pre-Christmas planning so you know exactly what you already have in store and what needs to go the next shopping list.


Budding artists in the family? And enough stationery supplies for fifteen kids and seven lifetimes? In some parts of the world, school children do not have enough of these items to go round. Simply pack up your surplus (new or used, as long as it’s working) and send it off to where it can be better used. Victoria suggests charities such as Pens For Kids to get these surplus supplies to where they’re needed most.

Random “Older Stuff”

Try sending these to Vintage Cash Cow -for free! They are looking for vintage toys, precious (& non-precious) metal items, costume jewellery, watches (even just parts of clocks), old coins & currency, medals, militaria, old fountain pens, anything masonic, cameras and the list goes on – check out their website for details.

Christmas Decorations

If you’re having a major clear out of your Christmas décor and have enough storage, hold onto them until the festive countdown when there will of course be far greater demand.

Consider taking a table at a local Christmas fair, whether to raise money for charity or to recoup a little of the money spent on them over the years.

For individual decorations of value, try selling them through Facebook Marketplace – the fragile nature or bulky size of many Christmas decorations means they are typically best sold locally.

If you’ve got lots of smaller low value decorations, see if a local craft group can make use of them to repurpose or upcycle.

Gift Cards

Believe it or not, even unwanted gift cards can be sold.  Obviously the ideal here would be to do a swap with someone who can make use of the card and give you the full monetary value.  However, if you can’t find a suitable user, visit Cardyard to see if you can sell your gift card and recover some of the value.

With expert tips and diverse resources, selling unwanted items becomes a breeze. From tech to toys, you can declutter responsibly and find new homes for those items that no longer serve you.  Many thanks to Victoria at Surrey Decluttering for sharing her knowledge and first-hand expertise.  How else do you like to pass along unwanted items?

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