Tidings Christmas Shop

Padstow, Cornwall


A true Aladdin’s cave of festive inspiration, every product in Tidings Christmas shop has a story to share.


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‘I was born for this job!’

Visiting Tidings Christmas Shop

The mercury read nearly 30 degrees as Chrissie appeared in full velvet Mrs Christmas regalia to welcome me enthusiastically inside.

Chrissie is part of Padstow’s Tidings Christmas shop team and her fabulously festive attire is entirely her creation.  ‘I made a red set and a green one so now there’s only one decision to make in the morning!’

Chrissie’s passion for the store is evident.  ‘I was born for this job!’, this Christmas-Eve baby explains between chats with other holidaymakers as they step over the threshold, somewhat bemused by the contrast between the brilliant June sunshine and this exclave of the North Pole.

Cheery Santa In Year Round Christmas Shop Padstow
Chrissie Hard At Work In Tidings Padstow

a shop name with a double meaning

Tell Us The Story

Tidings is the brainchild of local resident Debbie. Having started with a Christmas table in the gift shop next door (which Debbie still owns today), a trip to a US Christmas village gave her the idea of a dedicated Christmas shop in the town.

Named in recognition of both the season it celebrates and its location by the sea, Tidings took up position on the corner of Middle & Lanadwell streets in 2006.

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Debbie is a lady after our own heart, with a keen eye for décor with a story.

‘We focus on heirloom decorations that can be passed along over time,’ she explains, ‘Decorations that have an element of surprise and delight to bring back that magical something that we’re all looking for.’

Ornament Selection in Cornwall Year Round Christmas Shop
Christmas Village on Display At Tidings Christmas Shop

Top Trends For Christmas

Looking to update your Christmas décor for 2021?  We have the lowdown on all the latest festive styles & products.

there’s even Cornish tinsel!

Tidings’ Treasure Trove

Handpainted Baubles From Poland on sale in Tidings
Sparkling Christmas Trees in Padstow Christmas Shop

Her shop is an Aladdin’s cave of Christmas treasure, with tales behind every product line.  There’s Scandi-style metal ornaments from Fairtrade in Denmark and eye-catching glass designs from Egypt.  Delicate hand-painted glass baubles from Poland are popular with repeat customers looking to add a new decoration to their collection each year.

Cornish Tinsel Bespoke Made For Padstow Christmas Shop

The bespoke Padstow baubles are intricately hand-painted on the inside of the glass by a family in China reaching specialist tool through the small hole at the top.

And Debbie has even custom-created her own Cornish tinsel – black and white with a touch of festive gold!


PERFECT FOR: Mooching in a seaside treasure trove for baubles with a story.

FIND IT HERE: 9 Middle St, Padstow PL28 8AP


DATE OF VISIT: 2 June 2021

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