Supercharge next Christmas by shopping smart in the post-Christmas sales! Our top savvy tips for what to buy after Christmas.

A Jolly Festive Exclusive
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As the holiday season winds down, savvy shoppers know that the post-Christmas sales are a goldmine for getting a head start on the next year’s festivities. Planning and purchasing ahead can save both time and money when the next Christmas rolls around.  But it’s easy to get overly enthusiastic with those sale sign too.  We’ve got the lowdown on what to buy, what to avoid, and how to make the most of the after Christmas sales.

Here’s what to look out for in the January sales to set yourself up for the next holiday season:

Wrapping Paper & Gift Tags

The classic after-Christmas sale purchase!  My mother-in-law and I always used to head to the supermarkets on the morning of 27th December to replenish the fridge and take our pick of the wrapping rolls ready for next festive season.  With lots of plain kraft paper on offer now, rolls may well be useful year-round for other celebrations too.

Christmas Cards

The perfect time to pick up next year’s Christmas cards.  And a great opportunity to perhaps buy a few of the nicer, more interesting cards, such as plantable Christmas cards, which may otherwise be beyond budget. 

Baubles & Other Christmas Decorations

If you’re pivoting towards another colour scheme or simply want to add to or update your existing collection, after Christmas is the ideal time to make your Christmas dec purchases. 

Artificial Christmas Trees

And if you’ve decided to update or invest in a new artificial Christmas tree, now’s a good time to get one at a lower price.  There are often Christmas in July sales for things like Christmas trees as well, but January tends to be an easier time of year to remember sizing and indeed the fact that you want to buy one!  Do look out on preloved sites for trees as well as others may be passing theirs along too.

Heirloom Items

If you’ve had your eye on an extra special piece of Christmas décor but couldn’t quite justify the cost before Christmas, do check if there’s any available on discount come January.  With Christmas coming around each year, you’ll still have plenty of opportunity to enjoy it over Christmases future.  Or if you like to buy baubles to build collections for family members, this can be a savvy time to purchase as well.

Fairy Lights

No longer just for the festive season.  Fairy lights and festoon lighting adorn our homes year-round now, for long winter nights, birthday celebrations and summer parties.  See if you can pick up any deals on extra twinkly lights for your home.

Paper Decorations

Another decoration basic that can easily be repurposed throughout the year is the paper decoration – honeycomb balls, paper fans and much more are ideal to enjoy at celebrations throughout the year.  And given the continuing trend for atypical Christmas colours you can often find great deals on paper decorations that aren’t just red and green!

Elf On The Shelf Accessories

If you welcome a scout elf to your home each year, get ahead with a few new accessories for next advent’s elf adventures now whilst they are on sale.

Advent Calendar Gifts

And if you fill advent calendars for your loved ones each year, this is the perfect time to make a start on next year’s treat collection.  Take a wander through the stores and look for the discount bins near the tills for those fun little festive goodies which would make ideal advent calendar fillers.  Jo and I are avid sale shoppers for our future calendars and both have a little drawer of treats we grow throughout the year.

Christmas Themed Items

And of course, it’s not just advent calendars that benefit from some advance discounted Christmas themed goodies.  It’s a great time to pick up Gifts from the Elf, Christmas Eve Box treats, next year’s Christmas PJs, jumpers, and crackers.  Basically, anything which is specifically Christmas branded can be significantly more cost effective if purchased 11 months ahead and stored for the festive season.

Beauty Giftsets

Those toiletry, perfume, and aftershave giftsets in the stores before Christmas are often discounted in the new year as stores sell off their residual stock.  Look and see if you can get a bargain on your regular beauty products.

Christmas Crockery

We are both huge fans of a Christmas plate, mug, and festive dish.  But these items can be rather pricey in the run up to Christmas.  So, if you don’t want to build your collection by asking for them under the tree, take a good look around the sales to see what you can pick up.

Items For Christmas Crafting Projects

If you’re a crafter, why not gather your festive supplies now so you can enjoy taking your time during the year ahead to make your creations.  Whether it’s Christmas specific craft kits or simply the abundance of sparkly and Christmas coloured items in the stores, now is the time to stock up before they disappear for several months.  (Trust us, getting Christmas themed bits can be surprisingly tricky and expensive out of season!!)

Winter Clothing

Christmas may be over but winter is just getting started.  Stock up on your winter cosies in the January sales ready for the bracing months ahead.  

Festive Food For Leftover Recipes

If you aren’t completely fed up of turkey and cranberry sauce, there are often some super offers to be had in the supermarkets after Christmas.  Fill your freezer and check out leftover recipes to see how you can best make use of discounted food goodies.

3 Things To Avoid Buying Right After Christmas

Whilst there’s lots of special offers around at this time of year as retailers clear down their supplies, do watch out for inflated prices in a few sectors:

Ski Clothing And Equipment

With ski season in full swing, vendors will typically be looking to capitalise on people prepping for their Feb and Easter skiing trips.  Be mindful if you are making purchases for yours.

Fitness And Exercise Items

With the focus firmly on getting in shape for the new year, this is the key season for the fitness industry.  They will be keen to lean into our enthusiasm for exercising and unlikely to have much in the way of real discount at the very beginning of January.  Leave it a few weeks and then see what’s on offer.


With Christmas behind us, we’re all eager to get that summer holiday in the diary so we’ve got something to look forward to!  Whilst there are lots of early booking deals around, be sure to do your research to ensure you’re getting a genuinely good offer.  If you can, try to be a little ahead of the curve and plan next summer before the year is through.

Our Savvy Strategies For Making The Most Of The Post-Christmas Sales

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re being bombarded with sales emails and advertising.  Or you might just feel so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start.  Here’s our seven simple strategies to help you make the most of the after Christmas sales.

1. Take Stock of This Year’s Celebrations

Before diving into the sales, assess what worked and what didn’t this year. What were the hit decorations, the most appreciated gifts, or the activities that everyone enjoyed? Understanding this will guide your focus for next year’s purchases.

2. Make a Shopping List & Stick To It

Create a comprehensive list of items you’ll need for the next Christmas. This could include decorations, wrapping supplies, potential gifts for loved ones, and even new gadgets or appliances you’ve been eyeing.  Try to stick to the list as you browse.  It’s so easy to get carried away!  And do be sure that you have the room to store items before you bring them home.

3. Check If Discounts Really Are Discounts

Unfortunately, sometimes so-called discounts are just reductions on inflated base prices.  Or companies offer regular discounts during the year (some of which could be even better than the Boxing Day Sale offer).  Do your research to check that the discount is genuine and short-lived before rushing to take advantage.

4. Check for Clearance Sales

Keep an eye out for clearance sections where holiday items are heavily discounted. Stock up on anything Christmas related that you know you’ll use next holiday season.  Err on the side of caution though if you’re not sure.  This is also a great time to check if those special items you couldn’t justify at full price have been reduced to a figure with which you are happy. 

5. Be Wary Of Use By Dates

The sales can be a great chance to get ahead with the purchase of classic and timeless that you know you’re going to be able to use.  But do beware best before dates for both food items and beauty products.  Ensure these are well beyond next Christmas if you’re planning to keep them for the whole year. 

6. Store Wisely & Set A Reminder

Properly pack and label your purchases to ensure they remain in good condition until next Christmas. Keep decorations and delicate items in a dry and cool place to avoid damage and make sure anything food related is stored in containers that animals won’t be able to access.  Set a reminder on your phone for mid-autumn with the location of the items you purchased and maybe a list too so you don’t double up by accident.

7. Start Looking Early

These days the After Christmas Sales often start before Christmas!  If you have the time and motivation, do take a little look in the shops on the last days before the festivities start to see if you can spot any discounts.  The early bird really does catch the worm when it comes to sales so knowing when they will start for brands you love can make a big difference to the selection on offer.


Shopping in post-Christmas sales isn’t just about bagging bargains; it’s an intelligent way to plan and prepare for the upcoming festive season. By strategizing your purchases now, you’re not just saving money but also reducing stress and making way for a more enjoyable and well-prepared Christmas next year.  Start your new year right by taking advantage of these sales, making wise purchases, and getting ahead for a fantastic Christmas in the future!

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