Tween Boys Playing & Laughing

Does the idea of finding a gift for a tween boy bring you out in a sweat? Never fear, we’ve got you covered! We have been researching far and wide to create our extensive guide: ‘What to Buy Tween Boys for Christmas’, just for you!

From stocking fillers to fabulous gifts for under the tree, from designer labels to toilet humour, and from tech treats for gamers to oddsocks for footballers, there’s something for everyone. And with almost every item listed under £100, and the vast majority well under £30, you needn’t worry about breaking the bank either. (Just like in our Gift Guide for Tween Girls.)

So, relax, take a deep breath and, Happy Shopping!

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Choc on Choc Dumbbells

Chocolate Dumbbells

For any sport- or weights-loving tween, these chocolate dumbbells from Choc on Choc will be sure to raise a smile on Christmas morning! With rugby balls, cricket bats and toilet rolls also available, we’re sure you can find a chocolate creation to suit!

Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle with Straw Lid

Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable bottles are a must-have these days. Simple Modern’s bottles with their distinctive patterns, built-in straw and leakproof design are the perfect option to keep your tween’s water cold.

Jos&Sephs Seasons Eating Jug Jar

Flavoured Popcorn Jug Jar

Select the quote on the jar and the flavour of popcorn to create the perfect Joe & Seth Jug Jar for your tween.

Sophie Victoria Joy Popcorn Bowl

Personalised Popcorn Bowl

Speaking of popcorn, Sophie Victoria Joy’s personalised popcorn bowls will prevent any future sibling disputes over kernel ownership!

Naked Marshmallow Toasting Gift Set Festive Edition

Marshmallow Toasting Sets

We absolutely adore these toasting gift sets from The Naked Marshmallow Company and knew our Tween Boy Gift Guide wouldn’t be complete without it! Pick two flavours from a selection to create the perfect combination for your young person.

Cadbury Personalised Chocolate Bar

Personalised Cadbury

Surely not much beats your very own personalised oversized bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk on Christmas morning?!


Abercrombie & Fitch Full-Zip Embroidered Logo Hoodie

abercrombie classic hoodie

Hoodies are ever popular and this classic one from Abercrombie & Fitch will doubtless be a welcome gift for any fashion-conscious tween.

Type on Type Please Let Me Go Back To Bed T-shirt

let me go back to bed t-shirt

We can’t think of many tweens that would disagree with the sentiments of this t-shirt from Type on Type!

The North Face Boys Reversible Perrito Jacket

The North Face Jacket

The North Face is where it’s at this year. This Reversible Perrito Jacket balances brand and price point for a great winter jacket.

BAPE Camouflage Print Cotton Jersey T-shirt

A Bathing Ape T-shirt

For something a little bit different, A Bathing Ape (or BAPE as it is known to its fans) has a variety of eye-catching designs on comfy laid-back clothing. We rather like this colourful camo tee.

The Oodie

An Oodie

2020 is most definitely the year of the comfies … and they don’t get much more comfy than the Oodie – an ultra soft fleecy blanket with sleeves! Available in a multitude of patterns and plain colours, but, do get the order in quickly as these are selling like hot cakes.

Onepiece Norweign Heritage Navy


The original onesie company, Onepiece, is a little pricier than some others, but their jumpsuits are great quality, wash well and there’s a huge selection of patterns. If you have a smaller tween, you may get away with a kids size!


Sprayground Torpedo Shark Night Backpack

sprayground backpack

Sprayground’s range of eye-catching designs are perfect for a statement backpack. What about this Torpedo Shark (Night) for example?

Superdry Montauk Side Bag Black

superdry side bag

The side bag is in! And we love this Montauk Side Bag from Superdry – branded but affordable, double tick!

Jack Wills Penvel Beanie

jack wills beanie

This cosy beanie with Mr Wills’ distinctive embroidery on the front will help keep heads snug all winter long.

Nike Air Max 270 React ENG

Nike Trainers

We can’t deny; we’re hesitant to make a specific suggestion here as trainer brand and style is such a personal choice. But, the Nike Air Max 270 React ENG does seem to be a popular choice at the moment.

United Odd Socks Just Kick It


Six socks, none matching. Perfect for tweens who don’t care, and parents who don’t want to waste time pairing socks! These United Oddsocks come in a wide range of themes. Footie-mad kids will love these ones.

Ralph Lauren Polo Cotton Cloth Mask

Designer Facemask

These Ralph Lauren reusable cloth facemasks are timelessly elegant. But, if Ralph Lauren is not for your young recipient, just replace with their preferred designer as everyone has a line of facemasks in their 2020 collection!


Soul & Soap Shark Attack Bath Bomb

Shark Attack Bath Bomb

Just when they thought it was safe to go back in the bath… This bubble-gum scented shark attack bath bomb by Soul & Soap will make a blood bath of any tub and provide great amusement in the process!

Lynx Manwasher 2-Sided Shower Tool

Two-sided Shower Tool

Encourage your tween to keep clean with this shower buddy from Lynx (designed to be used with Lynx shower gel products).

Body Wash Kits

Body Wash Gift Set

Of course Christmas is the perfect time to gift a body wash set and hope to persuade your tween to take a little pride in their appearance (and fragrance!).

Three of our favourites are the ever-popular Lynx Africa duo set, sensitive-skin considerate Nivea everyday kit and for those desperate to get to Hogwarts, the Harry Potter washbag.

The Twiddlers Toilet Roll

Jokes Toilet Roll

‘Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?’ ‘To reach the bottom!’

Well it is Christmas Cracker Joke season after all. Warning: bathroom trips may take a little longer with this distraction on the holder!

Room Scape

Temptation Gifts Hanging Door Light

Hanging Door Light

We’re sure this hanging door light will be a huge hit with privacy-seeking tweens and teens! It’s wipe clean as well so messages can vary with mood!

Perfect Personalised Gifts Any Name Neon Sign

Neon Name Sign

These striking neon name signs from Perfect Personalised Gifts are a great addition to any tween’s walls!

Gift Republic Dress-Up Christmas Fridge Magnets

Dress-up Magnets

Whether for a magnetic board on the bedroom wall or for photos on the fridge, these photo-booth style extras will provide hours of embellishing amusement.

SUCK UK Punchbag Laundry Bag

Punchbag Laundry Bag

This heavy-duty laundry bag will not only encourage your tween to keep those dirties together but also provides a good outlet for excess frustration!

JR Knight Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair

An ergonomic swivel chair in disguise, the JR Knight gaming chair comes in a choice of colours and styles, and just maybe could encourage more homework time as well as gaming (we can dream, can’t we?!).

NPW Nervous Poo Desktop Wobbler

Nervous Poo Desktop Wobbler

An ideal little stocking filler; this little wobbly emoji poo character will be a fun addition to your tween’s desktop.

Jellycat Amuseables Yule Log

Festive Plush

Ok, your tween may be growing up and may not want their friends to know about any soft toys hanging out on their beds. But, we challenge anyone not to smile when looking at these cheerful Jellycat Amuseables festive characters!

Stationery, Crafts & Hobbies

Elmer's Slime Starter Kit

Slime Kit

Are you ever too old to make a mess making slime?! This kit from Elmer’s has everything your crafty tween needs to get creating!

SUCK UK Tape Measure World Timeline

Tape Measure

Perfect for interesting fact or history lovers, these 3m tape measures out a whole load of extra information!

Lakeland Gingerbread Campervan

Gingerbread Campervan Kit

Perfect for any tween looking to express themselves in biscuit form! Lakeland have done all the baking so it’s all about the design on this gingerbread campervan kit. A great activity for lazy Christmas days at home.

Baked In Sticky Toffee Mug Mix

Sticky Toffee Mug Cake

For those that are more focussed on the end product, these microwavable sticky toffee mug cakes from BakedIn are a great stocking filler.

Books & Games

Greta Thunberg's No One Is Too Small To Make A Difference

No One Is Too Small To Make a Difference

Greta Thunberg’s thought-provoking speeches are compiled in this book. From one young person to another, a must-read for this generation.

Kay's Anatomy

Kay’s Anatomy

From the best-selling author of This Is Going To Hurt, Kay’s Anatomy is new for Autumn 2020 and provides a humourous, if somewhat gruesome, introduction to human anatomy. (We think it’s perfect for this age-group, but do take a browse first to check you’re comfortable with all the topics discussed.)

Best of Mad Libs

Mad Libs

A hilarious American classic pen & paper game of ‘fill in the blanks’. This Best Of compendium should keep your tween busy well into the New Year.



Rearrange the colourful pieces to create 2D rectangles and 3D pyramids. A brilliant puzzle for any logic-challenge lovers. Kanoodle is a perfect pocket size to travel with as well!

Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal

A quick fire card-based version of the board game. Watch the video to understand the rules and get playing. The perfect level of fun and strategic.

Harry Potter Cluedo

Harry Potter Cluedo

Continuing the theme of adapting classic games, any Harry Potter enthusiast will be thrilled with this Cluedo set. Players travel by floo powder in your quest to rescue a key character. Careful not to get locked in Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes though!

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

A great family game. Claim train routes across Europe to complete your challenges and see who can travel furthest. Ticket to Ride balances skill and luck brilliantly to make a very enjoyable (and not too long!) new classic.

Funtime Instant Table Tennis Set

Instant Table Tennis Set

Convert the kitchen table into their very own table tennis court with this kit from Funtime. The net simply stretches across the table and automatically clamps in place to secure.

The World of Tech!

Rydohi Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


We’ll leave you to decide whether this is the year to treat your tween to a set of noise-cancelling wireless Beats! However, if you’re looking for an affordable alternative, we would recommend these wireless headphones by Rydohi. They come with their own case, and in a variety of colours.

Fextten Airpods Charging Case Cover

Air Pod Cases

Again, we’ll leave the Apple AirPods earbud decision to you! But, if you do decide to go for it, what about adding a bit of personality to the case? We love The Child cover pictured here. This is the way!

Turtle Beach Wireless Gaming Headset

Gaming Headsets

If you have a gaming fanatic in the house, these headsets from Turtle Beach will be a very popular gift. There are a wide range of options compatible with each of the XBox, PlayStation, Switch and PC.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Bluetooth Waterproof Portable Speaker

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Bluetooth Waterproof Portable Speaker is a great little product which really packs a punch in the sound department! Highly recommended! (Various colours available.)

Anker PowerCore+ mini

Power Bank

Perfect for power on-the-go! We love this handy charger from Anker. It’ll avoid any panics when the red battery warning light appears!

Anker USB Wall Charger 5-port

Super Speedy Phone Charger

This Anker PowerPort Speed PD 5 was voted best overall charger by Tech Advisor in September 2020. With 60W maximum output spread across the five ports, it’ll ensure a speedy refuel of phones, tablets and other devices.

SYOSIN Selfie Stick Tripod

Tripod Stand

Ideal for gamers who want to share a simultaneous video call with friends, or bugging vloggers. This tripod will keep the phone securely in position whilst activities continue!

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen

Echo Dot

Asking Alexa never gets old! And, new for November 2020, Amazon releases their 4th generation Echo Dot, complete with inbuilt LED clock display.

Henry Microfibre Screen Cleaner

Screen Cleaner

The perfect stocking filler for young screen enthusiasts! Who doesn’t love Henry?!


Nite Ize SpokeLit LED Spoke Lights

LED Bike Spoke Lights

Add a little extra illumination and a whole lot more fun into cycling on those dark winter days with these LED bike spoke lights from Nite Ize.

Smart Ball Speed Ball

Speed Ball

Smart Ball’s new Speed Ball measures the speed of kick up to 100kph. A perfect challenge for well into the New Year.

The Den Kit Co Make A Pizza For The Birds Kit

Bird Feeder Kit

Make a nutritious pizza for the birds this winter with this brilliant set from The Den Kit Company.

Xootz Pogo Stick

Pogo Stick

Get retro and keep your tween fit with this industrial design pogo stick from Xootz.

Young Driver

Driving Experience

Ever wonder what your tween will be like behind the wheel? Find out now with a Driving Lesson or Experience with Young Driver. They have centres all round the country and a variety of packages to chose between.

A couple of last thoughts



Anything branded with your young person’s favourite YouTuber is almost guaranteed to be a hit! So get googling those merch stores.

Football Club Shirts

Anything Sports Teams!

It almost goes without saying but there will be a wealth of branded opportunities to celebrate your tween’s team of choice. Whatever the sport, whatever the team, there is bound to be everything from wallets and beanies to official shirts and balls available to add to their stocking this year.

Kids Choice Gift Card

Gift Cards

The quintessential tween gift! Unfortunately a little caution needs to be applied this year as we watch the High Street struggle with the challenges of 2020 (remember gift card holders sit low down the list of creditors if things take a turn for the worse).

That being said, the Kid’s Choice gift card provides a selection of tween-friendly shopping options so it should be a safe winner.

DZine Gift Card Maze Puzzle

Gift Card Maze Puzzle

Make more of your gift voucher present by putting it into a maze puzzle. The recipient then needs to solve the puzzle to release their gift card prize!

What other presents are a hit with the tween in your household? Please let us know and we’ll add them to our Tween Boy Gift Guide 2020. And don’t forget to check out our other gift guides here.