The Christmas Journal

The Christmas Journal

Have you ever tried to keep a diary but found it too onerous on a day-to-day basis? Want to capture stories and memoirs from your loved ones but not sure how to do so? Why not take advantage of the annual routines and time together around Christmas to create a book of memories for your family. Read on to find out about our Christmas Journal idea.

How often have you thought about noting down memories from your family, capturing quotes from your children as they grow and taking the time to recall stories of recent events together. And do you actually do it? There are some wonderful folk who manage to carve out the time for this of course. But, for the vast majority of us, hectic timetables and constantly changing routines get in the way of the best of intentions and time passes before our eyes.

The Christmas Journal

This is where the Christmas Journal comes into its own. By focusing on capturing these memories just once a year, and at a time when annual routine reigns supreme, we can actually come good on our plan! The journal is perfect for storing in your Christmas Eve Box and bringing out each year to complete over the festive season. We guarantee you that it will quickly become a most treasured Christmas possession!

What Is The Christmas Journal?

Simply put, it is a notebook containing the annual answers to a variety of self-selected questions. The idea is that each year the family revisit the same questions and answer them together as a group.

Family Writing Together

After a few years, it becomes as pleasurable to read back through the answers of previous years as it is to note down the new responses for the current year. And, eventually this simple notebook becomes a treasured heirloom, full of wonderful memories and shared experiences.

How To Start A Christmas Journal

There are really only two steps to creating your Christmas Journal – selecting the notebook and selecting the questions.

1. Select Your Notebook


There need not be anything special about the notebook you chose – it will become special in its own right as time goes along.

We would suggest a reasonably robust notebook that will stand the test of time. You could decorate it as a family or have one designed by a small business specifically for purpose – it would make a wonderful Christmas gift for a newly married couple or a first family Christmas with a new arrival. Or, you could chose to print / write on loose sheets of paper and create a Christmas Journal binder instead.

2. Select Your Questions

This is the list of questions that you will revisit each year. Of course these can include anything you wish and anything relevant to your family. We’ve created a list below to start you off.

Christmas Journal Questions

We suggest writing these questions out on the front page of your journal. Then, each year, you can easily refer back to the list and answer each question in turn.

In addition to your questions, we would also suggest including a family photo and a little handwritten message or signature from everyone present as well.

Completing The Journal

As with every part of the Christmas Journal, it can be completely tailored to your family. Bring the book to the dinner table for one of the festive meals or snuggle down with a cuppa and treat one afternoon* and discuss your answers.

*We have a whole host of deliciously tempting festive treat recipes for you to explore here.

People Writing

However there are two tips that we would recommend keeping in mind as you fill in the book to keep it as personal as possible:

  1. Questions about the wider world can of course be answered by printing off a summary of news events. And, whilst this could be a lovely addition to the journal, the intention is to try and capture perception of these events by family members rather than focusing on factual accuracy.
  1. Fondly remembering the way little ones saw the world is such a pleasure as they grow. So try to use quotes as much as possible when noting down answers rather than being tempted to correct or improve responses. Remember the book is purely for you, not for an external audience, and it’s the inaccuracies and funny replies that will make it all the more special!

And that’s all there is to it!

Journal Front Page

Once the book has been completed, simply pop it back in the Christmas Eve Box and it’s all ready and waiting to be rediscovered the following year!

We do hope you enjoy creating a Christmas Journal for your family. Do share a comment below to let us know how you decide to design yours, and what questions you choose to include.

Looking for other ideas of what to include in a Christmas Eve Box? Check out our guide to creating a simple DIY box at home.

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