Why wait until December for those festive feels? We’ve scoured the country to create a Complete Guide to all the year round Christmas Shops in England.  What’s more, we’ve visited them all too!

Red baubles on display Kathe Wohlfahrt

The results are in and they are unanimous: Visiting a Christmas Shop makes you happy!

OK, so we don’t have statistical evidence but all 15 of the year-round Christmas shops in England agreed.  Surely they can’t all be wrong?! 

It makes sense too.  A little pocket of North Pole magic on an otherwise ordinary High Street.  That’s got to raise a smile, as a talking point at the very least!  And a few minutes of escapism inside that Winter Wonderland – how could it not raise your spirits?!

First Ever Complete Guide

Traditions From Across The Pond

It transpires that there’s quite a lot of us who (secretly or otherwise) love a festive fix out-of-season and these independent boutiques dotted around the country have high curb appeal for tourists and locals alike.

A tradition brought across from the USA, the first UK Christmas shop appeared in the Cotswolds in 1985 and others have since followed to answer the growing demand for festive souvenirs as people grow Christmas trees full of ornament memories.

Cotswold Christmas Shop Front

Until now the location of these shops has just been down to local knowledge.  But no longer!  We have scoured the length and breadth of the country to create the very first complete guide to England’s Year-Round Christmas Shops.

So, should you fancy a dose of December-come-early, check out the map below. 

What’s more, we’ve visited every store (yes, it’s a hardship but someone had to do it…).  Click the links to find out more about each shop and discover the story behind the baubles.

Behind The Scenes

Sniffing Out England’s Christmas Shops

First thing to know is that these shops have amazing taste in location!

From Padstow to York, the Isle of Wight to the Lake District, they have nestled themselves in some of the most beautiful parts of the country.  It’s certainly no challenge to head in their direction should you fancy a day out or trip away.

Christmas displays in Ironbridge
Father Christmas Post Box & Santas for sale

And it just so happened that the map of the shops was a near perfect match to our family holiday destinations for 2021.

Coincidence or too many years sniffing out ornaments? Who cares! It was the perfect ‘business excuse’ for some year-round Christmas shopping.  Time to get on the road and pay them each a visit.

Whilst I had visited a number of the shops over the years anyway, it quickly became apparent that there was no neat list of all the stores around the country which seems bizarre as Jo and I can’t be the only ones who love a mooch amongst the ornaments no matter the time of year! Surely?!

Christmas On The Lakes Oversized Bauble Exterior Display
Snowmen Chatting with Santa Watching Behind Ornaments in The Nutcracker shop

The Mission Was Clear

Create a complete list of all the year-round Christmas Shops in England.

Fast forward many (many!) hours of googling, phone calls and chats across the country and we have searched out these 15 fabulous boutiques for you to explore.

Christmas Decor in Cheddar Gorge Year Round Christmas Shop
Polar Bear Head in Inverted Christmas Tree in Christmas Perks

The Criteria For Inclusion?

We want to be clear here – we’re talking year-round Christmas shops.  Not seasonal pop-ups, nor online-only, nor departments within a bigger store.  These are genuine, unadulterated Christmas-all-year-long in-person retail experiences.

To avoid any confusion we created three criteria for inclusion and, for transparency, here they are:

  1. (Almost!) exclusively focussed on the sale of Christmas products
  2. Based at a fixed address with a physical shop
  3. Open at least nine months of the year
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Let’s sprinkle Christmas cheer far and wide!

independent business at its most passionate

What Makes a Year-Round Christmas Shop so special?

‘Do people visit the shop because they’re in the town, or visit the town because of the shop’, I asked repeatedly.

‘Both!’ came the reply.

Nutcracker and cart of bathbombs in year round Christmas Store Kendal
The Nutcracker Year Round Christmas Shop Blue & Gold Ornaments

Run almost exclusively by passionate independent owners, year-round Christmas shops are first and foremost souvenir stores.

Not there to compete with their seasonal counterparts, these shops offer ornament keepsakes for your Christmas collections, evoking memories of past holidays for years to come.

The owners pride themselves on their quality décor, bespoke baubles and exclusive partnerships with designers, both British and overseas.

Handpainted Baubles From Poland on sale in Tidings
Ornament Selection At A Piece of Christmas

True treasure troves, they are filled to the rafters (quite literally in some cases!) with gorgeous festive fare, unashamedly arousing your Christmas senses as you explore the shelves and displays.

Even the Scrooges are heartily embraced, with humbugs on offer at tills and Grinch Benches set up outside.

And the general consensus?  As we said above, whatever your thoughts about Christmas, it turns out a trip to a Christmas Shop will cheer you up! 

Shop owners, many with a long history in retail, reported time and again that their customers were happier than the average shopper, and even the most Grinch-like of visitors typically leaves with a smile on their face.

Scrooge & Marley's Tearoom Sidmouth Devon

For some owners, it’s extended beyond the shop –the newly opened Scrooge & Marley’s Tearoom in Sidmouth is serving Christmas Lunch through the summer, whilst Christmas Cottage in Cheddar will soon be welcoming guests to enjoy their own fully-decorated corner of the Gorge, irrespective of the season!

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we had to ask…

So What DO Christmas Shop Owners Do For Christmas?

The inevitable question: What do you do for Christmas when you spend your whole year helping others create theirs?

The question was invariably met with a giggle and a sigh.

Whilst a handful are hard core Christmasers with energy aplenty for their own festivities come December, for many the excitement and pleasure comes from filling their shelves and sprinkling magic for others.

And with their tree on display all year around, Christmas marks the beginning of a few weeks’ of precious downtime.

Much like Santa himself!

Shop Interior Victorian Christmas Shop Cotswolds

plotting festive feels

Map of Christmas Shops

Time to find your local year round Christmas Shop!  Click ‘more’ for shop contact details and the stories from our visits.


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With a huge thank you to all the fabulous Year Round Christmas Shops for their help and support in preparing this guide.  And what a treat to meet such a lovely set of passionate friendly shopkeepers.


Know of any other all year Christmas Shops in England?

Do get in contact to let us know – as small independent businesses, they can be a little tricky to find but they deserved to be celebrated and shared!

Been to visit one of the shops recently?

Share your experiences in the comments below.

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