Christmas Turkey & Bountiful Table

We’ve all been there! Juggling sprouts, turkey, parsnips and gravy with too few pans, and too many requests for new toy batteries*. Does the thought of pulling Christmas Dinner together bring you out in a cold sweat? Well, have we got a corker of a solution for you! One that could change your approach to Christmas Dinner forever. And it comes courtesy of your very own freezer, along with a little guidance from the fabulous Kate at The Full Freezer. Introducing The Stress-Free Christmas Dinner!

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Christmas Dinner Plate

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to Christmasses past. The frantic dash around every corner store within a five mile radius, searching for cranberry sauce which is suddenly more scarce than toilet roll was in March. The 2am Christmas Eve (Day!) peel of every vegetable under the sun (who knew Brussel sprouts had so many outer layers?!). The panic on Christmas morning when you realise you should have put the potatoes in 45 minutes ago, and that the pigs-in-blankets will be more like pigs-down-the-coalmine by the time the stuffing is cooked.

And, of course, the exhausted sigh, when you finally sink into the sofa on Christmas Day evening, cuppa in hand, and swear you’ll be more organised next year!

Sound familiar? Well, The Full Freezer may just have the answer to all your troubles, guaranteeing you come good on that resolution!

What’s more, we’re delighted to say that Jolly Festive readers can now get their very own free copy of The Stress-Free Christmas Dinner guide right here!

The Stress-Free Christmas Dinner Promotion
Image Credit: The Full Freezer

What is The Full Freezer?

Born from founder Kate’s own challenges managing stress around meal prep and concerns about food wastage, The Full Freezer aims to help you maximise the capacity and efficiency of your freezer. With tricks and tips aplenty on how to freeze foods – from which containers to use for maximising space, to the stage in recipes when freezing is possible, as well as clear guidance for safe defrosting too – The Full Freezer is an absolute treasure trove of amazing ideas and Environmental Health -approved advice.

As well as weekly video tutorials on freezing everything from mince pies to tinned sweetcorn, Kate oversees a Facebook group where you can get all your food-freezing queries answered. There’s even an e-book available if you’d like to deep dive into your chest freezer and really make it work for you and yours.

And remember a freezer is for life, not just for Christmas. So, why not book a power hour consultation with Kate to get your freezer ship-shape for 2021? Treat yourself or loved ones to de-stressed cooking and more economical food management for the New Year.

Tell Me More About The Stress-Free Christmas Dinner

The Stress-Free Christmas Dinner is the stuff that dreams are made of! It’ll make sure you can rest easy and enjoy those precious Christmas hours having fun with the family, or indulging in cooking the extra treats, rather than trying to avoid a coronary getting the turkey to the table!

The Full Freezer Stress-Free Christmas Dinner Promotion
Image Credit: The Full Freezer

The guide walks you through every aspect of this headline Christmas meal, with detailed instructions for how to prepare the food in advance, and store it compactly in your freezer ready and waiting. There’s oodles of information about timings, how to defrost each part safely, and lots of recipe suggestions to add to your Jolly Festive Recipe repertoire!

So, come Christmas, you can simply pull the items from your freezer, defrost (or cook from frozen!) with Kate’s guidance, and get ready for the ooohs and aaahs as you calmly finish off the cooking, and lay out a festive feast bang on time without breaking a sweat!

The Full Freezer Christmas Dinner Frozen Veg
Image Credit: The Full Freezer
The Full Freezer Christmas Dinner Roasted Veg
Image Credit: The Full Freezer

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Sharing the Love (& Food!)

Oh, and other thing. We have an idea for you. One that’s full of festive cheer and Christmas kindness (our favourite sort of idea!).

Christmas Dinner

Whilst you’re prepping your Christmas extravaganza, why not see if anyone else needs a little help with their Christmas Dinner too? Your neighbour, a relative or even someone you connect with through a local initiative (check out the amazing Free My Meal project, for example).

How fabulous would it be to know that you’ve helped ensure everyone in your community can enjoy a special Christmas meal this year! And what better way to let loved ones know you’re thinking of them than with your time and culinary care.

The Full Freezer Christmas Dinner Plate
Image Credit: The Full Freezer

Simply add an extra portion to your prep quantities – you may find your have enough anyway as many of us overcook at this time of year, and what better use to put the excess food to!

Then choose whether to freeze those items separately and deliver a frozen dinner, ready to be defrosted and cooked at Christmas. Or, cook with your own meal and deliver warm on the day. Please be sure to check on allergies, highlight ingredients, and check out the Food Standards Agency hygiene advice on allergens and preparing food before you dive in.

Now that Christmas Dinner is under control, what do you fancy exploring? We’ve got all sorts of festive treat recipes to tempt you, inspiration galore for activities to enjoy with family and friends or maybe you’d like to get started on the Christmas Tree?