Celebrate the season of giving with these 5 thank you gift ideas with added Christmas cheer –sure to make any recipient feel appreciated!

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5 thank you gift ideas with added Christmas cheer

Christmas is definitely a time for giving. It’s also a great time to reflect on the year gone by and thank those who have supported you.

Whether it’s teachers, colleagues or party hosts, it’s this time of year that I always find myself in need of giving a thank you gift, or two…or ten!

But, like many of us, I have grown tired of the same old box of chocolates or plain bottle of wine and while those are absolutely fantastic gifts, I wanted something with a little more festive flair.

And so, Jolly Festive has once again come to the rescue with 5 Thank You gift ideas to spread a little extra Christmas cheer this year. There’s something for everyone –from the chocolate lover to the wine connoisseur so no one will be left without knowing how grateful you are!

So go on, start scrolling down and exploring the options! We’ve listed out suggestions for each, along with a printable tag too!

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Thanks a Latte Thank You Gift items
Thanks a Latte Thank You Gift completed

Wrapped in a re-usable cup and eco-friendly paper straw this is the perfect gift for any coffee lover. Add a gift voucher to their favourite coffee shop and some Christmas chocolates and they’ll never doubt your appreciation!

Suggested Items:

    Christmas Jam Label

    Click below to print out your Thanks a Latte labels pdf.

    Click Here

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    2. Just Poppin’ In To Say Thanks

    Just Poppin' By To Say Thanks Thank you gift items
    Just Poppin' By To Say Thanks Thank You Gift Complete

    The perfect festive thank you gift and accompaniment to all those Christmas movies. This popcorn container is jam-packed with movie snacks along with a gift voucher to your recipient’s favourite streaming service!

    Suggested Items:

      Christmas Jam Label

      Click below to print out your Just Poppin’ In To Say Thanks labels pdf.

      Click Here

      3. It’s Time To Wine Down

      Time To Wine Down Thank You Gift Items
      Time To Wine Down Thank you gift completed

      The ever classic thank you gift –a bottle of wine. Perfect for any party host, but this time it’s been dressed up for the season in one of Christmas 2021’s hottest trends –a gonk bottle cover.

      Add the Jolly Festive label and you’re sure to be the favourite party guest!

      Suggested Items:

      It's Time To Wine Down label

      Click below to print out your It’s Time To Wine Down labels pdf.

      Click Here

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      4. You Are Spa-Tacular

      You Are Spa-tacular Thank You Gift Items

      Who doesn’t need a little relaxation around this time of year? So what better way to say thank you than with a pampering set! From facemask to candle, this little parcel has it all and encourages a touch of self-care which is perhaps the best gift of all!

      Christmas Jam Label

      Click below to print out your You Are Spa-Tacular labels pdf.

      Click Here

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      5. You’re My Hero

      You're My Hero Thank You gift items
      You're My Hero Thank You Gift Idea

      If the last 18 months have taught us anything it’s that there are so many unsung heroes out there. So this year, thank one of the heroes in your life and let them know how much they mean to you. It doesn’t have to be a big gesture –this little gift says it all.

      Suggested Items:

      • Box of Cadbury’s Heroes
      • “Not all Heroes Wear Capes” Christmas tree decoration – we love this one (pictured above by Ellie Ellie)
        Christmas Jam Label

        Click below to print out your You’re My Hero labels pdf.

        Click Here

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