** AS FEATURED ON CHANNEL 5 **  Don’t let your old Christmas jumpers go to waste!  Turn them into Christmas cushion covers with our easy two minute festive life hack!  

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  • Time
  • Supplies Needed
Easy Christmas Cushion Cover Idea

Do you have old Christmas jumpers in the cupboard?  Ones the kids have outgrown .. and occasionally (if I’m honest!) the adults too!  Or just the ones from Christmases past that you can’t quite convince yourself to pass along. 

What about turning them into Christmas cushion covers? 

And what if we told you it’ll take just two minutes?!

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For most of us, Christmas cushions are just accent throw pillows adding a festive touch to a sofa, chair or bed for a few weeks. 

So why not save a few ££ and just give your existing cushions a Christmas makeover.  Whilst they won’t last a lifetime, these Christmas jumper cushion covers work perfectly well for the festive season. 

And what’s more, when the decorations come down in January, you can reclaim your original cushion and either put the jumper away for future use or pass it along unharmed! 

No unnecessary spend.  No unnecessary waste.  Hurrah!

Easy Christmas Cushion Idea

How Do You Turn A Sweater Into A Cushion?

1 cushion, 2 minutes & 3 pins is all you need!

It realy is as easy as 1.. 2.. 3..!

Of course, there’s all sorts of amazing sewing patterns available to upcycle your Christmas jumper, cutting it up and sewing to create a lifelong cushion cover .. like the gorgeous one here from Quilt Addicts Anonymous.

But what about if you don’t have a sewing machine or you might like to wear the jumper again in the future?

Well then we’ve got the two minute hack for you!

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What Do You Need To Make A Christmas Jumper Cushion Cover?

The answer is, of course, virtually nothing!

  • A Christmas jumper or top.
  • A Cushion. Try to find one approximately the same size as the body part of the jumper so you don’t stretch the jumper too much or end up with a flat pancake cushion.
  • Two safety pins.  For the bottom.
  • A Hat Pin, Brooch, Oversized Safety Pin. To fasten the top. Do make sure you find something with a protective end so there’s no risk of anyone getting injured.  We particularly love hat pins like these – a great length to fasten the opening and sold in a bulk pack with stoppers for the sharp end of the pins.
Top of Christmas Cushion

4 Steps To Make A Christmas Jumper Cushion Cover

Easy Christmas Cushion Cover Idea
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Christmas Jumper Cushion Cover

Don’t let your old Christmas jumpers go to waste!  Turn them into Christmas cushions with our easy two minute festive life hack!
Prep Time5 minutes
Active Time2 minutes
Total Time7 minutes


  • 1 Christmas jumper or top
  • 1 cushion
  • 2 safety pins
  • 1 hat pin, brooch or equivalent


  • Stuff the cushion into the body part of the jumper.
    Covering Cushion with Christmas Jumper
  • Tuck one sleeve into the head hole of the jumper. Straighten the “shoulder pad” created to make it neat.  Repeat with the other sleeve.
    Tucking In Sleeves on Christmas Jumper Cushion
  • Hold the two edges of the head hole together and weave the hat pin (or equivalent) along the thicker cuffed area to fasten.
    Fastening Hat Pin at Top of Christmas Cushion Cover
  • Flip the cushion over and tuck in the bottom back of the jumper.  Pull the bottom front of the jumper to the back of the cushion and fix in place with a safety pin on each side.
    Attaching back of Christmas Cushion Cover


Ensure the hat pin or brooch has a stopper to keep the sharp end of the pin covered and so avoiding risk of injury.
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Christmas Cushions From Christmas Jumpers

Hope you have fun creating Christmas cushion covers with your old jumpers.  Let us know what other Christmas hacks you use!

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