These pull apart Christmas cupcake ideas are perfect for Christmas parties and get togethers. Big on impact, little on effort: the ideal festive showstopper!

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Pull Apart Christmas Cupcakes in the Shape of a Christmas Tree

The easiest Christmas centrepiece!  Perfect for parties, afternoon tea get-togethers, North Pole Breakfasts, or any time when a piece of cake will be in order (which is quite frankly most of the time during the festive season, let’s be honest!).

These pull apart Christmas cupcake ideas pack a punch in the visuals department but are so easy to create.  You don’t even need to warm the oven – purchase premade cupcakes and icing and simply assemble if you’d prefer. 

We’ve recreated 3 festive icons for you to try.  Which is your favourite?

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Before we start, a few FAQs.

What Is A Pull Apart Cupcake Creation?

Pull Apart Cupcakes, or Tear-And-Share Cupcakes are cupcakes grouped together and decorated as one.  They look amazing –  bright, impactful and fun. But they save the work of cutting a cake into shape before icing it.  And also mean that everyone can simply take their own cupcake away without the need to slice a larger creation.

What Cupcakes Should I Use?

Literally any cupcake you fancy will work.  Make your own as we did here, or simply bulk purchase plain cupcakes or fairy cakes in the supermarket.

Choose plain vanilla (our favourite), chocolate, chocolate chip, red velvet … whatever you like most!

How Many Cupcakes Do I Need?

Our pull apart cupcake ideas each contain around 24 cupcakes but just adjust the design to fit the number of people you are looking to feed to avoid wasting cupcakes.  If you’re creating a feast for an army(!), you could either do a supersized version of one of our Christmas icons, or create multiple designs.

What Icing Is Best?

Again the choice is entirely yours.  In our experience, a simple buttercream icing works best as it has the right consistency for the wispy cupcake icing style and looks delicious.  Plus, you can easily buy ready-made in the supermarkets so you just need to add the food colouring and you’re ready to go.

What Piping Equipment Do I Need?

We recommend using a Wilton 1M piping nozzle.  It’s easy to use and gives a nice finish to the design.  But of course you can just simply add the icing with a palette knife and create a smooth flat finish if you’d prefer.

Do I Ice Each Cupcake Separately Or All Together?

The jury is out on this one.  The original idea was to ice the whole creation as one and then pull it apart to eat the cupcakes.  Whilst that can look fantastic it also can be a bit messy as you separate the cupcakes.  We think there’s plenty of impact still when the cupcakes are iced individually.  Plus it makes it a bit easier to move around and a lot easy to tear and share!

Pull Apart Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Pull Apart Christmas Cupcakes in the Shape of a Christmas Tree

Pull Apart Christmas Tree Cupcakes

The classic!  How fabulous does this tear and share cupcake Christmas tree look?  

We used 21 cupcakes in a bowling pin formation to make the main Christmas tree, all with green icing.  Then added two cupcakes with brown (chocolate) icing for the stump.  We iced these stump cupcakes in a back-and-forth style rather than concentric circles to make them look more like tree bark.  

In total there’s 23 cupcakes in the creation.  You could add the 24th with yellow icing as the star on top.  However we personally prefer it without.

Add some festive sprinkles to decorate the tree, and you’re finished!

Tear And Share Candy Cane Cupcakes

24 Cupcakes Arranged as a Candy Cane and iced with red and white icing with icing bags to the side

Pull Apart Red & White Candy Cane Of Cupcakes

Such a simple design but so striking.  This would be a fabulous addition to a North Pole Breakfast, don’t you think?!

24 cupcakes arranged in a candy cane shape.  Half the cupcakes are decorated with plain icing and then red food colouring has been added to the icing for the other half.

We’ve used different icing nozzles for the two different colours to add an extra layer of intrigue (and to save on washing up in between icing!) but you can easily just use the one nozzle.

Pull Apart Christmas Wreath Cupcakes

24 Cupcakes Arranged In a Wreath Shape with green icing and snowflake sprinkle details as well as a bow at the bottom.

Pull Apart Christmas Wreath Cupcakes

Don’t confine your wreath just to the front door 😉

Again there’s 24 cupcakes here, each with green icing.  We’ve added a snowflake sprinkle detail to the middle of each and then a small pick as a sort of bow for the base of the wreath. 

But of course you could add some ribbon trailing from the bottom cupcake, some holly just below it, or add some extra detail to a couple of the cupcakes themselves at the foot of the wreath design.  The sky’s the limit!

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