Reasons Why Your Elf Didn't Move

You’ve woken to find your elf in the same place and you’re wondering what’s happened. Don’t worry, there are lots of reasons why your elf didn’t move.  Read on to find out more…

We know that elves normally like to mix it up so that they can watch you from a whole host of places. But occasionally they do stay put.

We’ve done some digging on the matter and discovered the nine most common explanations.

It’s almost a guarantee that one of the reasons below will explain why your elf didn’t move last night. Perhaps you’ll immediately know which it was. But, if you’re not sure, you could always leave them a note and see if they reply.

And, if somehow your elf has lost a little of their magic, there’s no cause for concern.  We are super excited to be allowed to share advice, direct from the North Pole, on how to restore elvish magic.

Nine Things That Can Cause Elves To Stay Still

Most Common Reasons Your Elf Didn’t Move

Elf On The Shelf Shocked Elf

1. Your Elf Forgot!

Just like us, sometimes elves do forget where they were the day before. It is normally because they are too busy thinking up all sorts of mischief for the following night so watch out tomorrow!

2. How’s The Weather Up At The North Pole?

If there’s a particularly bad blizzard coming in, Santa will send word to his elves to take the night off. He doesn’t want to risk one of his team getting hurt. They will just need to report two days’ worth of information tomorrow.

3. It’s a Trick!

Elves love getting up to mischief. Did you know that one of their favourite tricks is to come back to the same spot and see if you find them there (it’s the last place you thought to look, right?!).

Elf on the Shelf In a Christmas Tree

4. Someone Touched Your Elf

We all know that an elf’s magic can go if they are touched. Don’t worry though. Santa has sent us three clever tips on how to restore an elf’s magic sufficiently that they can get back to the Elf Medical Centre at the Pole.

5. The House Was Too Busy

Elves need to wait until everyone is asleep before they can move around.

If there was too much activity around the house last night, perhaps your elf only had time to get to the North Pole and back, but not enough time to find a new position.

Make sure you get to bed early tonight to help them out!

Overhead View of North Pole Breakfast Table

Enjoy A North Pole Breakfast With Your Elf

Go all out for your December visitor with a fabulous Elf Breakfast, full of fun, games, decorations and sugar!!

6. Are You Sure Your Elf Hasn’t Moved?

Sometimes Santa asks his elves to test your observation skills so he knows you’ll be able to spot opportunities to help others. Elves often do this by moving only very slightly to see if you’ve noticed.

7. This Is Their Favourite Spot

Just as we have our favourite comfy chair, elves have their preferred watching-spots. Perhaps your elf is finding it hard to move now they have found theirs.

Why not set up a cosy corner elsewhere for tonight to see if it entices them to move! You could use some cotton wool for a soft chair and perhaps put out a tiny snack too.

Elf On The Shelf in tissue box bed

8. They’re Not Done From This Angle

Try looking at the room from your elf’s perspective. What can they see? What were you doing yesterday in this room?

Maybe your elf needs a little more time to investigate so they’ve returned for a second look.

Or perhaps they just love watching you enjoy your favourite activities.

9. Your Elf Over-Heated

As we all know elves live most of the year in the North Pole so they like chilly conditions.

Did you know that if an elf gets too warm it can weaken their magic?

Perhaps your elf didn’t realise this position would be too hot for them. Or maybe they got so excited coming up with mischievous ideas that they overheated!

Don’t worry though, cooling your elf down will restore their magic sufficiently to get back to Santa tonight.

Alternative Girl Elf In The Snow

It’s As Easy As 1-2-3

Restoring Elvish Magic

Here are the three main ways to quickly restore elvish magic. These should each be sufficient to enable your elf to get back to the North Pole for a check-up.

1. Sing

As we all know, ‘The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear’.

Singing a Christmas song with your family will top up your elf’s magic. The more songs, the better!

2. Write

If someone accidentally touched the elf, then a quick note to apologise will have them back in action in no time.

A heartfelt sorry is full of magic.

3. Chill

Elves like it cold.

If you suspect your elf has overheated, use an oven glove or pair of tongs to carefully move them to the fridge where they will be able to rebalance their body temperature and restore their magic.

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