Kiss last minute gift panic goodbye with our 5 Christmas gifts for grandparents that your kids can make & that will be treasured forever!

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Poinsettia Pot gift for grandparents

Let’s be honest, grandparents often love a homemade gift from their grandchildren, but truly there’s only so much wall space for pasta photo frames! And so we decided it was time to think a little outside the box.

We’ve come up with five homemade Christmas gifts for grandparents which they can use again and again and display with pride!

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Photo Christmas gifts for grandparents

What better Christmas gift for a grandparent than a Christmas tree decoration? And with a picture of their grandchild inside, this will quickly become the new favourite ornament!



  • Use the hot glue gun, to stick the lollipop sticks together so that they form a triangle.
  • Cut a piece of ribbon and thread through the triangle to create a loop at the top; tie a knot
  • Have your child decorate the frame as they please –we love using paint & stickers!
  • Measure the photo to size and cut to fit inside the frame
  • Once dry (if using paint) use the hot glue gun to stick the picture on the back of the frame

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Put The Kettle On!

2. Treat Jar

Grandparent Treat Jar with Shortbread

With Bake Off back on our screens and the nights closing in, there is nothing more appealing at this time of year than a delicious baked treat.

So, what better Christmas gift for Grannie or Grandad than their own special treat jar! Plus, it is super simple –so you can leave the kids working on this while you get on with wrapping, organising or Christmas card writing!

Check out some recipe ideas below to add!



  • Clean and dry the jar, inside and out
  • Place masking tape on the jar to use as a guide to help keep the letters straight!
  • Use the stickers to write out Grannie or Grandad’s Treats
  • Remove the masking tape
  • Add additional decorative stickers –as many as your child’s heart desires!

From The Future Artiste

3. Poinsettia Pot

Poinsettia Pot gift for grandparents

Nothing says Christmas flower quite like a poinsettia, so why not help Grannie & Grandad to create a new tradition; their own specially crafted poinsettia pot which they can use year after year!

And no, we are not suggesting that you start sitting your little one down to a quick 10-hour pottery craft (!!!) but instead, buy a small flower pot, add some paint, glitter, stickers and hey presto –a fabulous Christmas gift for grandparents is born.



  • Scrub the outside of the thoroughly to ensure all dust is removed; we suggest using a Brillo pad. Allow to dry completely.
  • Decorate with paint, glitter/glitter glue, stickers –allow your child’s inner artist to roam free!
  • Allow any paint/glitter glue to dry fully before applying the sealer in an even coat; allow to dry once again.

NB. This method does not use a primer before applying the paint, which may mean that the paint fades a little over time but allows the pot (and poinsettia) to breathe.

Here’s To The New Year!

4. 2022 Calendar

2022 Calendar Template

Ah, the classic grandparent gift –a calendar! But we’ve given our template a modern twist and added a frame to the top so your little one can design a special masterpiece just for his/her grandparents!



  • Print Jolly Festive’s 2022 Calendar Template
  • Allow your child to decorate the space at the top however they see fit!
  • (Optional) Laminate the finished product to help protect it!

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Get The Chef’s Hat Ready!

5. A Homemade Treat

We’re pretty sure that nothing tastes better to a grandparent than a festive treat prepared by their grandchild (with the help of an adult of course!)!

And so we’ve rounded up some of our favourite recipes from the site which are perfect for little hands. They may even make a great addition to the Treat Jar as well!

Click the photos below to check out each recipe!

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