83 fun, festive Christmas Charades For Kids! Perfect for family gatherings and holiday parties. Free printable game cards included.

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3 Sheets Of Christmas Charades Cards For Kids On Wood Background with Greenery and Fairy Lights along top edge.

Add a dash of festive fun to your holiday season with some Christmas Charades for Kids! Whether you’re a teacher looking for a Christmas classroom activity, youth group leader planning a holiday party, or a parent wanting to keep the children busy during the Christmas break, these Christmas charades are perfect for getting everyone in the festive spirit.

From acting out a reindeer to miming decorating the tree, we’ve got 83 Christmas charade ideas that are easy enough for the kids to get involved but challenging enough to keep them thinking too.

We’ve split the list into two categories: Christmas activities and Christmas words.  Choose the list that’ll work best for your group or take your favourites from each.

To make it even easier and quicker to get a game of charades up and running, simply download the free printable game cards we’ve prepared for you!

Christmas Word List for Kids

Here’s 53 Christmas items, perfect for kids to act out in a family-friendly game of festive charades. Pick and choose your favourites or add them all into the hat!

  1. Advent Calendar
  2. Angel
  3. Bell
  4. Candle
  5. Candy Cane
  6. Chestnut
  7. Chimney
  8. Christmas Card
  9. Christmas Cookie
  10. Christmas Cracker
  11. Christmas Jumper
  12. Christmas Lights
  13. Christmas Pudding
  14. Christmas Tree
  15. Coal
  16. Elf
  17. Fireplace
  18. Garland
  19. Gift Tag
  20. Gingerbread House
  21. Gingerbread Man
  22. Gloves
  23. Holly
  24. Hot Chocolate
  25. Ice Skates
  26. Mince Pie
  27. Mistletoe
  28. North Pole
  29. Nutcracker
  30. Ornaments
  31. Pinecone
  32. Poinsettia
  33. Present
  34. Reindeer
  35. Ribbon
  36. Robin
  37. Santa Claus
  38. Santa’s List
  39. Santa’s Sack
  40. Scarf
  41. Sleigh
  42. Snow Globe
  43. Snowball
  44. Snowflake
  45. Snowman
  46. Star
  47. Stocking
  48. Sugar Plum
  49. Tinsel
  50. Turkey
  51. Woolly Hat
  52. Wrapping Paper
  53. Wreath

Christmas Activities Ideas for Kids’ Charades

30 fun festive activities to use for a game of Christmas charades for kids.  The actions are slightly easier to act out than some words, or book/movie titles might be.  And it’s a great way to get younger children excited about the upcoming events of the holiday season. 

  1. Decorating the Christmas tree
  2. Building a snowman
  3. Opening presents
  4. Baking cookies
  5. Hanging up the stockings
  6. Wrapping a gift
  7. Riding in Santa’s sleigh
  8. Wearing a Santa hat
  9. Drinking hot chocolate
  10. Singing a Christmas carol
  11. Lighting a candle
  12. Putting on gloves
  13. Making snow angels
  14. Reading a Christmas story
  15. Making a gingerbread house
  16. Feeding the reindeer
  17. Putting up Christmas lights
  18. Going ice skating
  19. Visiting Santa
  20. Hanging a Christmas wreath
  21. Watching a Christmas movie
  22. Checking Santa’s list
  23. Putting out Santa’s treat
  24. Posting a Christmas card
  25. Opening an advent calendar
  26. Waking on Christmas morning
  27. Pulling a Christmas cracker
  28. Having a snowball fight
  29. Writing a letter to Santa
  30. Laying the Christmas dinner table

Selection of Christmas Charade Cards For Kids depicting Christmas Activities with Writing and Illustration set against wooden background.

Christmas Charades Game Setup

Prepare the Charade Cards:  Write out a selection of the above words / activities, each on a separate piece of paper.  Alternatively download, print, and cut out our free set of Christmas Charade cards below.  Fold each in half and pop them all into a festive hat or holiday-themed container.

Divide into Teams:  Split the kids into two teams. Explain the rules and make sure everyone understands how to play charades.

Set the Timer:  Use a timer or a holiday-themed hourglass to keep track of time. The first player in Team A takes a card and attempts to act out the word or phrase without speaking within a set time (45-90 seconds works well, depending on the group).

Guess and Score: If the remainder of their team correctly guess the word, they get a point.  Play switches to the first player in Team B with a new card and reset timer.  Then it’s the turn of the second player in Team A, and so on and so forth. 

Choosing the Winner: Keep track of the scores and when all cards have been attempted, the team with the most points is the winner.

Download Your Free Printable Charades Cards

To make your Christmas charades game even easier, we’ve created a set of free printable cards ready for you to use! With cute illustrations to help aid reading, we hope you’ll be able to make good use of them. 

Print on white cardstock for better durability.  And if you want to reuse them over and again, consider laminating as well.  We’ve included a blank template page as well if you’d like to add a few more of your own.

Is Christmas Charades a staple with the kids in your family, classroom, or youth group?  What other Christmas games do you enjoy playing?  Let us know in the comments below – we’re always on the look out for a fun new festive activity!

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