Pencils at the ready. Our free printable colouring advent calendar designs have arrived. Keep the kids busy from December 1st until Christmas Eve!

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Christmas Colouring Advent Calendars

Got a colouring-mad child in the house?  Looking for an easy Christmas activity or even easier advent calendar idea?  Or need a last-minute advent calendar to deliver on December 1st!  Whatever the reason, our colour-in advent calendars are here for you!

We’ve created three different designs.  Simply let your little one pick their favourite, print and use!

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In case you need reminding that a colour-in advent calendar is not just an easy option but a good parenting choice too…

  1. Creative Expression. Colouring is more than just a fun activity; it’s an excellent way for kids to express themselves and explore their imagination.
  2. Screen-Free Entertainment. Don’t we all crave that for our kids?!  And a colouring advent calendar is a simple fun way to engage children in an activity away from the screen.
  3. Skill Development. This Christmas countdown has some great learning opportunities sneakily hidden within – work on fine motor skills with pencil/marker control, and practise number recognition and counting with little ones all through December.
Free Printable Advent Calendars To Colour

Free Printable Advent Calendars To Colour

How to Get Started

Getting your hands on our Free Printable Advent Calendar to Colour is as easy as a few clicks.

Download: Scroll down a little further to find links to free printable pdfs of all three versions of the advent calendar. 

Print: Once downloaded, print the calendar page out.  We recommend good quality white card stock as 24 days of use can be tough on a piece of paper!  Remember to choose the right size paper/card for your printer and then click the “shrink to fit” (or equivalent) button. 

Colouring Supplies: Gather crayons, coloured pencils, markers, or any other colouring tools your child prefers. Encourage them to choose a variety of colours to bring their imagination to life.

Daily Fun: Starting from December 1st, colour one section of the calendar each day and watch the calendar come to life over the Christmas countdown.

Display: Once completed, you can proudly display the finished masterpiece in your home.  Bonus holiday décor and a proud showcase of your child’s creativity.

Three Free Printable Advent Calendars To Colour

We’ve created three different colouring advent calendars designs to choose between. We’re all about giving options and spreading the festive cheer!  Which one will your little one select?

1. Whimsical Wreath

Imagine a charming Christmas wreath adorned with 24 numbered baubles, all set to be brought to life with colour. Each day, your little artists can fill in a new bauble, and before you know it, that wreath will be a masterpiece of holiday hues.

This calendar is perfect for little hands as it has one simple shape to colour every day.  Help them see the progress they’ve made colouring neatly over the Christmas countdown.

Christmas Colouring Advent Calendar Wreath

Christmas Colouring Advent Calendar Wreath

2. Bauble Bonanza

24 different baubles, waiting to be brought to life!  There are purposely no numbers on this colour in advent calendar so your kiddo can decide which one they’d like to colour each day.  Watch the canvas come alive.

You could even use the finished product as fun wrapping paper if printed on paper (rather than card) and looked after carefully.

Christmas Colouring Advent Calendar Baubles

Christmas Colouring Advent Calendar Baubles

3. Festive Fiesta

This calendar is a joyful blend of Christmas symbols, from Santa’s hat to cheerful gingerbread pals. It’s like a puzzle of holiday happiness as your young artist colours in a new icon each day.  Full of fun and colour, there’ll be plenty of opportunity to chat Christmas Bucket List dreams whilst they work!

Christmas Colouring Advent Calendar Icons

Christmas Colouring Advent Calendar Icons

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