Add a fabulous new dimension to your Christmas Movie Nights with our two free printable Bingo games, for families & just for the grown-ups! 

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Group of 4 adults watching movie at Christmas time with popcorn

Snuggling up to enjoy a Christmas movie with friends and family is high on everyone’s festive bucket list! But, have you ever played Christmas Movie Bingo? It adds a fabulous new dimension to the festivities, and we guarantee you’ll love it!

Whether you’re on the look out for a cute pet dog, the reappearance of an estranged family member or a grinchy workaholic boss, these Christmas movie bingo games have all the clichés we love ready & waiting for you to spot.  It’s sure to take your movie night to the next level!

And it couldn’t be easier to enjoy.  We’ve created everything for you – completely free and ready to download – so get planning your Christmas movie viewing schedule right now, and prepare yourself for a heap of festive fun!

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Family of 4 Watching Movie At Christmas

Whether it’s revisiting a classic, or enjoying a new seasonal offering, Christmas movies are one of life’s true pleasures on a chilly winter afternoon.

But, with our movie bingo game, you’ve got the perfect excuse to watch as many films as you want!

Time to grab that hot chocolate, prep those festive treats and let’s begin!

Whole Family Or Just The Adults?

Choose Between Two Christmas Movie Bingo Sets

We’ve got two versions of the game for you to enjoy, whether in-person together, or via a Zoom Movie Night. Both games have bingo sheets for up to eight people so everyone can get involved!

Jolly Festive Christmas Movie Bingo Flyer

Family Christmas Movie Bingo

Who’ll be the first to spot a talking reindeer or someone singing a Christmas song?

Ideal for quality family time, this version of the game is perfect for movie-viewers of all ages to enjoy together.

Adults-Only Christmas Movie Bingo

Will you be looking out for the car breakdown on Christmas Eve or Christmas dinner mishap?

This version embraces all those classic Christmas Movie Tropes we love so much, and will make for hilarious viewing with older children & adults.

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Let’s sprinkle Christmas cheer far and wide!

Designed For Up To 8 People

How To Play

Each game comes with eight bingo sheets to download – just print out as many as you need.

Grab a marker each or some counters (we recommend using some Christmas sweets – flat chocolate tree decorations or festive M&Ms work a treat!).

Then, tee up that movie, and sit back and relax.

As you spot the various items on your bingo sheet, mark them or cover them with a counter.

First person to fill a straight line of five, in any direction, shouts ‘Bingo’ and wins the game! (The middle square is a bonus free square so try to go through that if you can.)

Christmas Movie Reel & Clapperboard

You can up the ante at any time:

  • Make shapes rather than lines to add more items to be found.
  • Require people to have to add their counters without being spotted.
  • Have a little sip of a festive tipple of your choice each time you mark something on your card.

And, of course, any declaration of ‘bingo’ should always be followed by a movie pause and verification of claim!

Are you ready? Well, here they are. Our Christmas Gift to you! Enjoy!

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Christmas Movie Family Bingo Flyer

Family Christmas Movie Bingo

Christmas Movie Bingo For Adults Flyer

Adults-Only Christmas Movie Bingo

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Movies & Treats

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