These recipes inspired by Christmas movies will ensure you always have the perfect treat ready for your Christmas film watching needs!

Three people facing away from the camera watching a black & white movie on a projector screen with a giant light-up paper star decoration and fairy lights everywhere.

Watching Christmas movies is an essential part of the festive season for us –Hannah and I have even been known to watch movies together over Zoom (yes, hitting play at the exact same time was a challenge, we appreciate your concern)!

And we don’t know a family or a group of friends who doesn’t have a debate over which is the best Christmas movie of all time! But one other area that always seems to get us riled up, is what seasonal treat we are going to indulge in with any given movie.

If you’re watching The Holiday, then it seems only right to do so over a large bowl of Christmas fettucine.  And, if The Santa Clause is more your speed, then you don’t want to hold back on the chocolate chip cookies! Food is such an integral part of the holiday season that it’s not surprising that some of our favourite festive flicks include a feast’s worth of culinary delights.

So, we thought it about time that we start rounding-up some of our recipes that were either inspired by our favourite Christmas movies or would pair perfectly with them!

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“Shall I make us a little Christmas fettuccine?”

Ever since The Holiday graced our screens in 2006 (welp!), and made us wonder whether the way to find true love was to in fact do a house swap with someone from LA over Christmas and hope you end up in a Hollywood movie…we’ve been wondering whether Christmas fettuccine is a thing. Well, the jury is still a little out on this one, but either way, we have made our own version and let us tell you, it’s better than LA and Surrey combined!

Mulled Wine Cordial inspired by It’s A Wonderful Life

“Mulled wine, heavy on the cinnamon and light on the cloves”

If it was Christmas Eve and it had been hundreds of years since we’d been into a bar, pretty sure we would have a very similar order to dear ol’ Clarence! We definitely agree with his specifications–always more cinnamon than cloves in our opinion! Try our mulled wine cordial to make sure you’re never more than a minute or two away from a steaming cup of mulled wine. Maybe we should let Clarence know about it too!

Oatmeal M&M Cookies inspired by The Santa Clause

Charlie: “CD”

Scott: “Compact disc”

Charlie: “No. Cookie and cocoa dispenser”

With the amount of cookies that Santa consumes within one night, you might be fooled into thinking that his sleigh would dispense some ice water and apple slices to help even out all of the sugar. But alas, you would be wrong. As Charlie clearly demonstrates in The Santa Clause, Santa’s sleigh is kitted out with a state of the art cookie and cocoa dispenser to ensure Santa is never more than a second away from his next sugar fix!

Christmas Ham inspired by Christmas With The Kranks

“Hello, excuse me. I am looking for a ham. A hickory honey ham.”

No one has ever shown more dedication to a ham than Nora Krank. From racing a lady through the store and crashing headfirst into a display of cookies, to bribing fellow shoppers out of their ham at the checkout and finally to chasing the rolling ham through the car park before it met its fate at the wheels of a lorry, Nora put herself through a lot to get the perfect holiday ham. We can’t help thinking that had she had our recipe, her plight might not have been quite so necessary!

Banoffee Pie inspired by Love Actually

J: “Banoffee Pie?”

M: “No, thanks.”

J: “Thank god, you’d have broken my heart if you said yes.”

While chocolate biscuits might have seemed like the obvious pick to accompany Love Actually, we’re rather more partial to the banoffee pie option. After all, it’s banoffee pie that Juliet (Kiera Knightley) tries to use as a peace offering between herself and Mark before finding out that he was actually, in love with her. Well, banoffee pie and Munchies!

North Pole Breakfast inspired by Elf

“We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup”

We did debate about trying to make some sort of dish out of pop tarts, smarties, spaghetti and maple syrup but somewhere mid sugar rush we decided it best that we leave such intense dishes to the elves. That being said, we think Buddy would be pretty impressed with our North Pole Breakfast spread. They might not all be in the same one dish, but our spread definitely includes candy, candy canes and syrup. **Be right back, heading to the store for candy corn!**

Hot Chocolate inspired by The Polar Express

 “Yo, we got it! Hot chocolate!”

Is there anything more festive than a polar express train ride? And with opportunities popping up across the country, there is no better family Christmas outing. But after the train ride, you’ll be wanting to sit down and view the movie as a family…and what better treat to enjoy alongside it than a deliciously creamy and warm cup of hot chocolate with as many toppings as you can handle. And with our Slow Cooker hot chocolate, you can make sure you’ll have warm hot chocolate for the whole family through the entire movie!

Snowman Cheeseball inspired by The Snowman

“We’re walking in the air,  we’re floating in the moonlit sky…”

Yes, we are aware that Raymond Briggs’ great classic did not actually include two balls of cheese assembled to look like a snowman. However, we’re not sure there is any food more perfect than this to accompany this movie. Add some grapes, some delicious crackers and go to town. Just remember to stop eating for long enough to do your best rendition of “Walking in the Air”!

Hot Chocolate Cookies inspired by Jingle All The Way

“Who told you, you could eat my cookies?” […] “Put that cookie down! Now!”

While Howard Langston (Arnie), is out on a mission to get his son the almost sold out Turbo-Man as a Christmas gift and buy his way back into the good dad books, his annoying next door neighbour Ted is munching down on fresh homemade cookies in Howard’s kitchen! Cue some of the best lines to ever come out of a Christmas movie!  Whilst we don’t want to declare that these Hot Chocolate Cookies are better than Liz’s…they are pretty darn good!

Ham Mac’n’Cheese inspired by Home Alone

“Bless this highly nutritious microwavable macaroni and cheese dinner and the people who sold it on sale. Amen.”

We all did it right? We all pretended to be or dreamt about being Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. He got to ride a sled down the stairs for goodness sake!! And he managed to set-up an entire house full of traps to catch the bad guys…all while fueled by a microwavable mac’n’cheese dinner. Imagine what he would have been able to do had he chowed down on our ham mac’n’cheese ahead of time!

Christmas Snack Mix inspired by The Christmas Chronicles

K: “Hey! Mom said no junk food!”

T: “Yeah, well, we gotta stay up somehow.”

We all dreamt of staying up all night on Christmas Eve to catch a glimpse of Santa, but none of us probably ever had the execution of Kate and Teddy Pierce. And, just like every good Christmas movie, their mission was fueled by junk food. While we are aware that Christmas Snack Mix doesn’t specifically feature in the movie, we’re pretty sure it would have made the cut for their junk food feast and it’s the perfect snack to enjoy while watching this new Christmas classic!

Cranberry Ripple Pavlova inspired by Last Christmas

“Now you are here we have Krem Torta”

When Kate heads home to celebrate her sister’s second promotion, it results in a rather dysfunctional festive dinner. While navigating family politics always feels like one of the slightly burdensome aspects of the Christmas festivities, enjoying cream filled desserts is most definitely one of the highlights. Let’s be clear, we are not likening our Cranberry Ripple Pavlova to Krem Torta but it is a showstopper of a dessert and it is filled with delicious, snowy cream!

Recipe Inspiration

Christmas Green Salad

Christmas Green Salad

Delicious and healthy? You bet! Our Christmas Green Salad is packed with roasted veggies, avocado, and feta -perfect as a festive meal or side!