From John Lewis to Kevin the Carrot, catch up on all your favourites with our annual Christmas advert round-up!

A Jolly Festive Round-Up
Friends Watching Christmas Advert

A British Christmas just isn’t complete these days without the annual Christmas advert debate! 

Which brand hit the festive nail on the head and which landed this year’s Brussel sprout?!

Here to help as always, we’ve rounded up all the 2022 Christmas adverts for you to peruse.  So grab that Christmas dinner popcorn or mug of hot chocolate and sit back and enjoy.

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John Lewis Christmas Advert

The crown jewel of Christmas adverts!  John Lewis have been pulling on our heartstrings since 2007 with their annual Christmas advert surprise.

Always the most hyped of all the Christmas ads to hit our screens, it’s also typically the most divisive.

This Year: For 2022, John Lewis’s Christmas advert – ‘The Beginning’ – takes us on an intriguing journey as we watch a gent ‘of a certain age’ learning to skateboard.  Mid-life crisis?  Or perhaps something a little more.  

What do you think of the John Lewis Christmas Advert 2022?

Does it strike a chord or is it too much?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Aldi Christmas Advert

The escapades of Kevin the Carrot have become a national institution!  What’s the Aldi Christmas Advert got in store for our orange friend this year?

This Year: Will Kevin spend Christmas 2022 home alone whilst the rest of the family head off to Paris?  Just as long as he gets out of that snowman’s …

Are you a Kevin the Carrot fan?  What do you make of the Aldi Christmas Advert 2022?

Amazon Christmas Advert

Not one to be left out in the cold, Amazon joined the Christmas ad brigade and now give as good as the supermarkets!

This Year: A sentimental watch that’ll leave a lump in the throat.  Will this daughter’s snow globe have the magic powers of Charlie’s in The Santa Clause or will it be her father that makes her wishes come true?

What do you think of the 2022 Amazon Christmas Advert?

Argos Christmas Advert

Often taking a different stance and cheerier tone, the Argos Christmas Advert is the 21st century update to the catalogue of our youth!

This Year: Argos celebrates the return of Christmas with the masses.  Big bowls at the ready…

Are you a fan of the Argos Christmas Advert 2022?

ASDA Christmas Advert

Another of the big supermarkets that pulls out all the stops … it’s the ASDA Christmas Advert!

This Year: Son of a Nutcracker, they’ve only gone and recruited Buddy the Elf!  With some pretty impressive CGI, Will Ferrell relocates from Gimbels to ASDA for the 2022 Christmas Ad.

What’s your verdict of the ASDA Christmas Advert 2022?

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Boots Christmas Advert

It’s not just supermarkets having the festive fun!  Boots have gone all in on the Christmas countdown advert too.

This Year: Talk about rose-tinted spectacles!  We each need to get ourselves a pair of these!  How does Lydia West (It’s A Sin) know just what to get everyone this year..?!

Did you enjoy the Boots Christmas Advert 2022?

Disney Christmas Advert

As one of Santa’s chief stockists and a business of story-telling, it’s no wonder Disney love Christmas Adverts too!

This Year: Changing family dynamics and time spent together lead the way as Christmas brings a new arrival.  Parting with your favourite soft toy .. now that’s some serious love!

Does the 2022 Disney Christmas Advert do it for you?

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LIDL Christmas Advert

Lidl on price but not on Christmas spirit!  Lidl’s Christmas adverts are another annual staple.

This Year: The big story of a Lidl bear!  Lidl’s infamous Christmas jumpers are front and centre of this festive short tale!

What do you think of the 2022 Lidl Christmas Advert?

Marks & Spencer Christmas Advert

This is not just a Christmas advert.  This is an M&S Christmas advert!  And in fact this is TWO M&S Christmas adverts!!

This Year: M&S Food Christmas Ad sees the return of French & Saunders as Fairy welcomes Duckie to her festivities.  Be warned: do not watch hungry!

This Year: Marks & Spencer’s second offering brings the neighbourhood to life.  Now those are some carol singers we’d LOVE on the doorstep!

What do you think of the 2022 M&S Christmas Adverts?

McDonald’s Christmas Advert

Are you Reindeer Ready?  McDonald’s festive menu may not be your classic Christmas dinner.  But that doesn’t stop them bringing out the classic Christmas adverts!

This Year: Another sentimental offering for 2022 as a young boy creates a huge kite-tail of a list for Santa.  Turns out there’s only one thing he really wants though (and it’s not a Big Mac!).

What’s your verdict on the McDonald’s Christmas Advert for 2022?

Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert

Never one to miss out on the festive fun,  Sainsbury’s have been brightening our Christmas ad breaks for years now too.

This Year: It’s a bit of us as This Morning’s Alison Hammond leads a festive Christmas pudding fairytale.  It’s behind you Alison …

Is the 2022 Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert a winner in your eyes?

Sports Direct Christmas Advert

A newer arrival on the Christmas ad scene, Sports Direct has gone all out for 2022!  We wonder why…?! 😉

This Year: Ooh aah Cantona!  Well with a Christmas World Cup, it’d be rude not to!

Has Sports Direct Christmas Advert 2022 scored the winning goal?

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Tesco Christmas Advert

The supermarket giant is known for its upbeat Christmas ad approach.  And with Tesco, every little helps!

This Year: Finally, a party we can all get behind!  And a pledge of Christmas Dinner for 5 people at under £25.  We give them at least 12 days… 

Does the 2022 Tesco Christmas Advert float your boat?

Waitrose Christmas Advert

With far more temptation than should be allowed on TV, Waitrose Christmas Adverts bring on the drool each year!

This Year: Waitrose are taking it back to the source with their look at farm-to-table food.  We all knew Christmas dinner took a while to prepare!

What do you think of the 2022 Waitrose Christmas Advert?

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Which is your favourite Christmas advert this year?  Let us know in the comments below.  Have we missed any?

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