From John Lewis to Kevin the Carrot, catch up on all your favourites with our annual Christmas advert round-up!

A Jolly Festive Round-Up
Friends Watching Christmas Advert

A British Christmas just isn’t complete these days without the annual Christmas advert debate! 

Which brand hit the festive nail on the head and which landed this year’s Brussel sprout?!

Here to help as always, we’ve rounded up all the 2023 Christmas adverts for you to peruse.  So grab that Christmas dinner popcorn or mug of hot chocolate and sit back and enjoy.

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The crown jewel of Christmas adverts!  John Lewis have been pulling on our heartstrings since 2007 with their annual Christmas advert surprise.

Always the most hyped of all the Christmas ads to hit our screens, it’s also typically the most divisive.

This Year: For 2023, John Lewis’s Christmas advert – ‘Snapper: The Perfect Christmas Tree’ – encourages us to challenge those long-held festive traditions as we see the ‘perfect’ Christmas tree through the eyes of our budding young gardener.  With Andrea Bocelli’s dulcet tones as the backdrop and a giant Snapper climbing its way up the flagship Oxford Street branch, John Lewis have gone all-in on this Fiesta!

What do you think of the John Lewis Christmas Advert 2023?

Does it strike a chord or is it too left field?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Aldi Christmas Advert

The escapades of Kevin the Carrot have become a national institution!  What’s the Aldi Christmas Advert got in store for our orange friend this year?

This Year: This year, we’re off to William Conker’s Christmas Factory, alongside a host of other fruit and veg companions.  With Jim Broadbent’s reassuring familiar voice in narration and plenty of punny panto jokes – ‘WOW! That’s huge, Willy!’ – this is a feel-good advert with a ‘sharing is caring’ message.

Are you a Kevin the Carrot fan?  What do you make of the Aldi Christmas Advert 2023?

Amazon Christmas Advert

Not one to be left out in the cold, Amazon joined the Christmas ad brigade and now give as good as the supermarkets!

This Year:  Keeping with the same sentimental theme, last year joy was made and this year, ‘Joy Is Shared’.  We’re reminded that you’re never too old (to start shopping at Amazon) or indeed to enjoy childhood pleasures in this heartwarming tale on the slopes.

What do you think of the 2023 Amazon Christmas Advert?

Argos Christmas Advert

Often taking a different stance and cheerier tone, the Argos Christmas Advert is the 21st century update to the catalogue of our youth!

This Year: Connie the doll and Trevor the dinosaur have been regulars on the Argos advert circuit for 2023, and return to our screens this Christmas for a epic dance routine.  If only Trevor knew how to work the camera…

Are you a fan of the Argos Christmas Advert 2023?

ASDA Christmas Advert

Another of the big supermarkets that pulls out all the stops … it’s the ASDA Christmas Advert!

This Year: Continuing their trend for attracting festive icons from the other side of the pond, this year it’s the turn of the one and only Michael Bublé, newest recruit in ASDA’s Quality Control.  We’ll take over once you’re finished Mr Bublé!  And don’t forget the staff room teaser ad too.

What’s your verdict of the ASDA Christmas Advert 2023?

Boots Christmas Advert

It’s not just supermarkets having the festive fun!  Boots have gone all in on the Christmas countdown advert too.

This Year: We follow the adventures of a big-hearted Mum and daughter duo as they make their way north to give Santa his Christmas gift, apparently successfully hitch-hiking the whole route thanks to a carefully selected bag of Boots Christmas gifts.  Inspired choice of final gift for the Big Man!

Did you enjoy the Boots Christmas Advert 2023?

Coca Cola Christmas Advert

Holidays are Coming!  Holiday are Coming!  And so’s that Coca Cola Christmas Advert!  

This Year:  Imagine a world full of identical Coca Cola Santas in their iconic red suits, spreading Christmas cheer.  And just when we conclude we’re watching The Holiday Truman Show, we’re learn that we are in fact seeing people’s ‘inner Santa’.  We don’t need more Santas; we need to be more Santa! 

What’s your thoughts on the Coca Cola Christmas Advert 2023?

Disney Christmas Advert

As one of Santa’s chief stockists and a business of story-telling, it’s no wonder Disney love Christmas Adverts too!

This Year: Epcot, eat your heart out!  This Wish For The Holidays takes us on a whistle-stop journey across the planet and through a multitude of languages to celebrate a shared dream of a wish come true.

Does the 2023 Disney Christmas Advert do it for you?

LIDL Christmas Advert

Lidl on price but not on Christmas spirit!  Lidl’s Christmas adverts are another annual staple.

This Year: The tale of a determined racoon and a young boy’s teddy.  This sentimental offering from Lidl highlights their annual Toybank campaign – where small gestures can have huge impacts.

What do you think of the 2023 Lidl Christmas Advert?

Marks & Spencer Christmas Advert

This is not just a Christmas advert.  This is an M&S Christmas advert!  And in fact this is TWO M&S Christmas adverts!!

This Year: Dawn French’s fairy is back again for the M&S Food Christmas Ad and this time she’s accompanied by a pair of mittens, fresh out of Wrexham (aka Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney)!  

This Year: One of the most divisive Christmas TV adverts of 2023, M&S’s star-studded Clothing & Home ad leans into the limits we all have when it comes to trying to do all the things.  Have they represented it in the right way?  It’s up to you to decide.

What do you think of the 2023 M&S Christmas Adverts?

McDonald’s Christmas Advert

Fancy a McDonald’s?  McDonald’s festive menu may not be your classic Christmas dinner.  But that doesn’t stop them bringing out the classic Christmas adverts!

This Year: Leaning into all the Christmas tropes (bad karaoke at the Christmas party, never-ending school plays, etc), what else are you meant to do when life doesn’t meet expectations but head to the golden arches.

What’s your verdict on the McDonald’s Christmas Advert for 2023?

Morrisons Christmas Advert

Another of the big supermarket offerings, there’s plenty more reasons to shop at Morrisons this Christmas.

This Year: Celebrating the true unsung heroes of Christmas, this ode to the oven glove is a 80s extravaganza thanks to Starship’s Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now soundtrack, a dry ice effect in the fridge, and even a reference to the classic fishing game!

How do you rate the Morrisons Christmas Advert for 2023?

Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert

Never one to miss out on the festive fun,  Sainsbury’s have been brightening our Christmas ad breaks for years now too.

This Year: Another young girl with an important question.  And in fact we wonder why we hadn’t thought of it before … what does Father Christmas have for his Christmas dinner?  Whilst the jury’s still out on that question, it definitely comes from Sainsbury’s, and with a serving of Rick Astley on the side…

Is the 2023 Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert a winner in your eyes?

Waitrose Christmas Advert

With far more temptation than should be allowed on TV, Waitrose Christmas Adverts bring on the drool each year!

This Year: Waitrose have gone for the glitz and glam this year with the Good Stuff front and centre!  Graham Norton gets us excited with his Golden Bûche de Nöel, and now we all know the key to a copper’s heart is a Florentine-inspired panettone.

What do you think of the 2023 Waitrose Christmas Advert?

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