It’s time to freshen up the festivities!  Check out these fab pink Christmas tree decoration ideas for the ultimate Pinkmas celebrations.

A Jolly Festive Round-Up
Blush Pink Christmas Tree With Snowmen & Other White & Blush Decorations

This holiday season, think pink when it comes to Christmas decor! We’re diving into the world of pink Christmas trees with these fabulous decoration ideas for the ultimate Pinkmas celebrations.

We were already loving the winter pastels and candy land designs.  Then along came Margot Robbie and the Barbiecore brigade.  And now we’re all dreaming of a PINK Christmas!  Here’s some fun ideas for adding pink Christmas tree decorations to your home this year.

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Ombre Style Christmas Tree With Hot Pink Decorations and Pink Ribbon At Front Of Tree And Paler Decorations To Rear

Ombre Pink Christmas Tree

Embrace the whole pink colour range, from blush and baby pink right through to hot pink and deep raspberry with an ombre tree.  Either fade the pink Christmas decorations from dark to light as you work up the tree, or just mix and match throughout for a Pinkmas masterpiece!

White Christmas Tree With Delicate Pink Baubles

White Christmas Tree With Delicate Pink Baubles

White Trees

Fact: pink baubles look amazing on white Christmas trees.  Especially the pale baby pink shades.  So perhaps it’s time to go for a white tree and give those pink designs a showcase backdrop.  

Pink Christmas Tree By Sideboard Filled with White, Pink & Gold Ornaments

Pink Christmas Tree Filled with White, Pink & Gold Ornaments

Pink Christmas Trees

Instead of going pink with baubles, why not switch your regular Christmas tree out for a pink tree instead?  Pale pink branches look beautiful kitted out with white, clear, and iridescent ornaments.  Or go full Barbie with a hot pink artificial tree and paint the town pink this Christmas!  

Blush Christmas Tree With Blush Ornaments Next To Sofa & Presents

Blush Christmas Tree With Blush Ornaments

Blush Trees

For a touch of Parisian chic, try a blush Christmas tree decked with blush pink, champagne and rose gold ornaments.  Original and classic at the same time.

Flocked Christmas Tree With Pink Decorations Positioned In Corner With Other Child-like Decor Surrounding

Flocked Christmas Tree Of Pink Decorations

Flocked Christmas Trees

Don’t want to invest in a new tree?  Try flocking the tree you have.  That snow-tipped effect sets the tone perfectly for pink Christmas tree decorations and sets a fab winter wonderland scene too.

Christmas Tree Decorated With Selection of Gingerbread House, Candy Cane & Pink Christmas Decorations

Candy Land Decorated Christmas Tree

Candy Land Themes

We just cannot get enough candycore, can we?!  And those sweet treats sure look good in pink hues.  Kit your tree out with pink candy canes and swirls, gingerbread houses, cakes, and sweets.  It’ll look good enough to eat!

Flocked Christmas Tree Decorated With Grey, Silver & Blush Pink Decorations & Picks

Blush Pink, Grey & Silver Decorations On A Flocked Christmas Tree

Pink & Grey

Pink and grey are a match made in heaven.  Add some festive silver ornaments for a little extra glam and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous winter wonderland.  Perfect for homes with a grey colour palette – pull the home décor themes into your tree and soften with pink tones and cosy materials (think velvet, faux fur, and florals).

Blush Christmas Tree With Elegant Picks At Base Of Large Staircase

Chic Blush Pink Christmas Tree

Chic Pink Designs

Add a touch of elegance to your celebrations with a chic pink Christmas tree design.  Think florals and bows, rich materials such as velvet and faux fur, and vintage ornaments.  Opt for muted pink shades and gorgeous delicately patterned glass baubles. 

Tree Filled With Pink And Heart-Shaped Décor Alongside Baskets Of Other Baubles & Lights On The Walls

Tree Filled With Pink And Heart-Shaped Décor

Celebrate Love

Wear your heart on your tree with a design that celebrates the festive season of love.  Go heavy on the pink heart Christmas décor and spread the love with your family and friends.  It’s a great excuse for keeping the tree up until Valentine’s Day.  We’re just sayin’.

White Christmas Tree With Seated Red Mannequin In Core Of Tree & Lots Of Quirky Ornaments

White Christmas Tree Filled With Quirky & Unique Decorations

Disco Pink

Tis’ the season to party!  So why not let your tree lead the way.   Fill it with bright cheerful unique decorations and hot pink ornaments and encourage everyone onto the kitchen disco dance floor!  After all, who can resist a pink disco ball…?!

Tree With Pale Pink and Blush Christmas Decorations - Pampas Grass, Ballerinas & Other Rustic Ornaments

Tree of Pale Pink and Blush Fairy Tale Ornaments

Fairy Tale Pink Christmas

Christmas is a time for dreaming and whimsy.  So why not embrace the fairytale magic on your tree.  Whether it’s gonks, glass slippers or fairies and ballerinas, fill your tree with childhood wonder.

Christmas Tree With Bright Baubles In Pink, Purple, Lime Green, Blue & Orange

Christmas Tree Decorated In Festive Bright Colours

Festive Brights

No need to limit yourself just to pink!  Get your rainbow on and add plenty more festive fun to the design.  Think teal, lime green, orange and purple for a full-on fiesta.  We’ve got plenty more festive bright inspiration.

Tree With Ornaments In Red, Pink, Peach & Blush Shades

Tree With Ornaments In Red, Pink, Peach & Blush Shades

Clashing Reds & Pinks

Bring back one of the Christmas colour classics and create wow factor with a clashing pink & red design.  Consider adding shades of orange and peach too for more depth or just go bright red and hot pink for complete drama!

Simple Wall Tree With String Lights And Pink & Teal Baubles

Simple Wall Tree With Pink & Teal Baubles

Wall Trees

Don’t want to take up floor space with a tree?  Or prefer not to replace your main tree with a new design?  Add a pink Christmas tree design to your wall instead!  You could even try making your own piece of Christmas tree wall art!

Two Metal Hoop Table Top Trees Filled with Pink Ornaments

Tabletop Metal Trees Filled With Pink Christmas Decorations

Tabletop Pink Christmas Tree

Or simply add a smaller pink Christmas tree to your tabletop.  Gather a selection of feathered, glass or bottle brush pink Christmas trees together on a tray or dress a miniature Pinkmas tree with baubles.

Kitschmas Retro Hot Pink Glass Christmas Tree

Kitschmas Retro Hot Pink Glass Christmas Tree


There’s no denying it; pink goes well with the Kitschmas theme.  Add a whole heap of Christmas cheer and plenty of nostalgia and go big on Kitschmas this holiday season.  From retro string lights and 1950s style deer decorations right through to the iconic retro Christmas tree in hot pink!​

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So, go ahead and add a splash of pink to your holiday celebrations. After all, it’s the season for fun, festivity, and fabulous decor. Cheers to a Merry Pinkmas!

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